Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tooth fairy fail

Savannah lost a tooth at school on Monday.
(Which I was all sorts of excited about seeing as I didn't have to deal with it this time!)
Monday night she and Sawyer got in mondo trouble for messing around (last straw of the day type thing) as they were supposed to be getting pajamas on, so I sent them to bed immediately. As in no snack, no teethbrushing (yes, that is most definitely a punishment around here... they freak out if I won't let them brush their teeth!), no books, no music, minimal tucking in and prayers, just right. into. bed.

For Miss Savannah that also meant no going downstairs to get her tooth out of the school nurse's little compact she came home with and bringing it up to place by her pillow for the tooth fairy.
Oh the horror.

She was upset, for sure, but kept herself pretty well in check as she understood I was not happy with how our evening went and that she kinda didn't deserve the chance to go ready her tooth in order to get a treat. She asked quietly if she could take care of it tomorrow, and if I thought the tooth fairy would know to come the next night instead. I said I sure hoped so.

And then I failed.
Last night she faithfully, hopefully, placed her tooth in it's pouch hanging on her bedpost.
And I assured her, when she questioned me, that the tooth fairy probably knew what was going on.
And then I promptly forgot about it.

It wasn't until I spoke to Ryan on the phone this morning and he asked about it that I remembered I had forgotten to fulfill my duties.

Luckily, Savannah hadn't remembered either. Yet.
At that point, I had only 15 minutes to distract her before she'd be off to school and then I could make the exchange and she'd never know it didn't happen overnight!

Except for a sad coincidence from a certain pesky little brother.

We got a new game called Pictureka. It's an I spy/where's Waldo type game where you pick cards with pictures on them and you have to find the item in the sea of drawings.
Sawyer was playing (by himself) this morning while we were getting ready.
Suddenly he ran upstairs with a card, all eager to show Savannah...

it was a tooth.

"It looks just like the one you losted!"

"Oh yeah, I need to check and see if the tooth fairy came!!"

What are the chances?

Anyway, she was pretty bummed, worried that she missed her chance at her coins. She told me she thinks she just has to wait until she loses her next tooth now and it'll be a two in one stop type deal.
Uh- I was just going to make up for it tonight, but I guess that works?

the evil, rat out the tooth fairy card...


Ryan said...

Are you going to surprise Savannah tonight with a visit from the Tooth Fairy or are you going to wait until the next tooth? It could be a long time till the next tooth....
Plus if this ever gets to Norah this would be the last straw that she needs to not believe in the tooth fairy. That would make the trifecta: No Santa, no Easter Bunny, and then no Tooth Fairy!

Mom said...

Yeah,I kinda think the tooth fairy should "pay" a visit to the MORRISON house tonite. Could be that she was extremely busy and just got behind ....XOXOXOXOXO

lina said...

Ha ha! what a stinker :)
I have been ther & done that before with the kids myself.. Do not pass go, No get out of jail free card, Just go straight to bed!

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine told me a hilarious might have been better if she would have forgotten. Allison realized she had NO change at all, so into the kid's own piggy bank she reached. In the dark. Well, the next morning, her little boy was sad and depressed. She asked him what's wrong? to which he replied, "The tooth fairy gave me these stupid Chuck E. Cheese tokens." : ) This all makes me miss our talks.

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