Monday, February 23, 2009

two teeth

Savannah lost her second tooth this past weekend.
Well, "lost" is putting it nicely. This was one that had to be more pulled than lost.

This was the tooth that was loose first... weeks before the next one was wiggling, and now a week after that one went ahead and fell out, this one was still hanging on. The permanent tooth was growing in far enough behind it that it wasn't fully pushing it out. It would wiggle all over the place, but still had two good roots holding on in the front. It was bugging Savannah and she could push it out front so that it was actually sticking out perpendicular to the rest of her teeth. It was gross. But still holding on for dear life.

After much whining and complaining about it on Saturday, I decided it needed to finally come out.
So in the midst of Savannah waffling back and forth; "It's ready to come out! Wait, no! Just get it out! No, don't! I want you to pull it out! I don't want it to hurt! I want Daddy to pull it out! No, don't!", and much crying and struggling, and then a pull, a twist and a pop (eww!), out it came. And Savannah about fainted.

That night her trauma bravery was rewarded by the tooth fairy leaving a little something extra for her.

She doesn't really have a toothless grin, as the two new teeth are already pretty far in. I never took a picture after she lost the first one last week, so after the ordeal Saturday, I tried to snap one. The thing is, when she smiles for real you can't really see her bottom teeth very well and her trying to smile with her mouth open... well the results aren't all that pretty. :)

Regardless, here's my favorite five-year-old minus her two first baby teeth...


kimca01 said...

Lordy, I'm not looking forward to that - loose teeth give me the heebie jeebies LOL SJ is looking too stinkin' grown up these days, tell her to slow down!

Debbie said...

Wow! Those two teeth really were right there; they were just waiting to push those little baby teeth out! Savannah is growing up way too fast!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Mom said...

Yes,she is growing up.She no longer looks like a little girl.Love the pictures!That big girl is almost 6 years old.How did THAT happen????XOXOXOX Gramma G

AshleyB said...

her hair is getting so long again! I think she has a cute toothless smile. oooh I commend her bravery - I HATED pulling my teeth if they were still hanging on!

Nicole said...

Awww! She's getting so big!

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