Monday, February 1, 2010


So losing teeth is turning out to be not one of my most favorite milestones around here.
I should have known after the trauma drama of the last one that losing teeth does not come easily to a certain little drama queen around here.

Savannah's top two teeth have been loose since before Christmas. This one top one has been severely loose for the past week... just hanging on by a thread. She was able to push it all the way forward and all the way back and it really could rock completely sideways both ways as well. But she would. not. pull. it. out.
Finally last night it was driving me crazy and we ended up in this big ordeal where Ryan and I were saying you pull it out or we will. I was honestly certain if we didn't pull it out it would fall out while she was sleeping and she'd either choke on it or it'd get lost in her bed. But no. Fifteen minutes and a bunch of tears and fits and threats later (turns out you can't really pull a six-year-old's tooth out against her will too easily), she went to bed. Still with all her teeth.
She is such a chicken wuss freak when it comes to this stuff.

Sure enough, at 4:45 this morning Savannah comes in our room saying her tooth fell out.
So of course she doesn't go back to sleep after that.
Which means neither do I.

But it's finally out:

How many more of these do we have to go?
I personally think the tooth fairy should be the one that gets paid this time.


Mom said...

Maybe,just MAYBE it will be easier next time? Kinda doubtful...but some of us have fears that others can't understand.Like dirty dish water for instance.Anyway,thanks for the post & the pics.Savannah looks pretty proud of her "toothless"smile!XOXOXOXOXOXO

Amanda said...

Well you may have read our tooth ordeal on the blog so you know we totally understand!!!!!

K.M.L said...

ha! So glad it's out!!! Congrats Savannah! (and mom and dad!)

beanski said...

so add teeth to the long list of things that sure SOUNDED fun about having kids but isn't fun? sweet. the list is long.

she sure does look cute though!

Anonymous said...

I think I blogged about how grossed out I get, too, and yet, I've been the one to pull both of Luke's loose teeth so far!

The top ones are getting looser and I'm dreading it...

Savannah looks so cute without that front tooth!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I am totally going to be the same way. J is already stressed about it and he's only 4, L could probably care less right now but when it happens she'll be exactly like Savannah.

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