Wednesday, April 21, 2010

somebody's seven

I don't know how it happened

But somebody turned seven last week

I don't know how it could be that seven years have passed
since we first met this kid

since we first saw her, heard her, held her

in seven short years she's become

so much more than I could even begin to imagine while holding that newborn

so smart

such fun

so dramatic

such a proud big sister

so much her own person

so grown up

and so still our baby girl



Mom said...

thank you for the pictures! Some in the mail would be even better....XOXOXOXOXO

Christina said...

What a doll! I keep wondering how these kids are growing so quickly before my very eyes. It is a good and bad thing all wrapped in one....bittersweet I guess.

Debbie R. Sanders said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to a very special girl indeed! She is very smart and very sweet and God is revealing the very precious gift from God that He planned from the very beginning! I love you, Savannah! Give her a huge hug and kiss from me! She is growing up way too fast!
Love, Grandma Debbie
PS Such cute photos! I finally get to see her pierced ears, as I couldn't retrieve the one you sent to my phone. Thanks! (Give Sawyer a big hug and kiss, too!)

Anonymous said...

awesome. Happy Birthday Savannah. You are an amazing girl. Love Sarah & Emma

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