Sunday, April 18, 2010

crazy, busy, wonderful

We had a good weekend.
A good long weekend.

A birthday, dinners out, soccer games, lots of sunshine, a cut lawn, new flowers, shopping, lots of shopping, date night, a musical, sunshine, Chinese take-out, fondant, strawberries, sprinkles, ice cream, sunshine, pierced ears, birthday party games, friends, did I mention sunshine, and a full four days of our family together.

We saw Ryan off this evening, I fed the kids dinner and got them into bed.
Now I'm thinking a warm bubble bath sounds awfully good to me and bed early is very very appealing. It's been a crazy busy weekend. And wonderful.

I'll be back to expound on the birthday details -both the birthday and the partay- tomorrow after the reality of Monday starting all over sets in... and the aftermath of the party gets cleaned up and I get two kids ready for school school and entertain a baby all day and regroup from the "vacation" of the long weekend and be back in house showing mode.
For now I'm going to revel in the wonderful.


Nicole said...

Aww I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Katie said...

I always look forward to your birthday posts!

Mom said...

Cant wait to hear more! XOXOXOXO

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