Thursday, April 1, 2010

april already

Sorry for the venty post yesterday. I'm just a little discouraged in that it's only been a month... but it seems like a lot longer than that and there's no end in sight yet. I'll just be relieved to have plans in place (read: a contract on our house) and a time frame to work around instead of feeling like it might go on forever. I miss my husband. I really like him and we kinda like hanging out together, you know?

When we first listed the house everyone was asking me, "what are you going to do if it sells right away??"... now the thing everyone asks me is "what are you going to do if it doesn't sell??".
Ugh. I'm not thinking about that.

We've actually been having really really good days this week. I blame it on the weather. :) It's been absolutely awesome. Today was like summer. Sawyer and I ran some errands this morning (in shorts and flip flops), had a picnic lunch at the park before speech class, came home and did a little more yardwork, a lot more playing outside, donned bathing suits (the kids, not me) when SJ got home and washed the car, came inside only for dinner, and then had s'mores and a backyard fire with a bunch of the neighbors till it started getting dark.

I thought a few times about grabbing my camera but we were really just enjoying ourselves so much that I didn't want to interrupt at all with trying to get 'good shots'. I just wanted to relax and enjoy my kids and the sunshine.

I did take a couple of pics tonight though... with it being April 1st, I last minute this afternoon decided I couldn't let April Fools Day get by without some kind of foolishness around here. It had been a couple of years since I pulled the dessert for dinner thing so I thought I'd give it another whirl. This time it was a cake for dinner...

Savannah had my number, but Sawyer didn't have a clue and you should have seen the poor kid's eyes light up when I told him we were having cake for dinner. I actually felt bad when he saw it on the table and produced a big fist pump and an emphatic "SWEET!".
Savannah let him down easy... telling him cautiously, "it might not really be cake Sawyer, it might be an April Fool's joke." And then they both stuck their fingers in the "frosting" and said, "yep it's not real."

They were not amused.

Our "cake":
Two patties of meatloaf with a ketchup "filling" and frosted with mashed potatoes.

I gave them "lemonade" too and Savannah remembered that from last year but once again, poor naive Sawyer didn't have a clue and told me his straw wasn't working. :)

He got me back though... for the rest of the evening he kept telling me silly things and following it up with "April Fools!!!". No, it didn't get old at all.

And no, my kids don't normally eat dinner in their pj's. They decided they wanted to wear them for dinner and snuck up to change and then came down and said, "April Fools!!". I thought it was pretty cute. It was probably Sawyer's idea. He got these hand-me-down Scooby Doo pajamas the other day and it's been a fight to get him to wear anything else (like, you know, during the day to go to school or out in public?) ever since.

Oh, I almost forgot! I did do a preplanned joke on Savannah this morning... since she's the one who says April Fools is her favorite holiday (??!??). I bought a bag of Cheetos and emptied it out, filled it with carrots instead and resealed the top with double sided tape. I was so excited to get her... thinking she'd be SO excited to find Cheetos in her lunch (we NEVER buy those) and then BAM- April Fools! Well, turns out she never opened them. I knew she'd be let down -although impressed by the joke- in not really having Cheetos for a treat in her lunch so I added some little leftover mini Chips A'hoy cookies we had for her dessert. Well, turns out she ate those first and then claims she ran out of time. Meaning she left her yogurt and a ham and cheese bagel and her "Cheetos" untouched. Oh I was so bummed! After grilling her after she got home and being shocked that she didn't mention the Cheetos trick, I made her recheck her lunch and that's when she sheepishly admitted she only ate cookies for lunch. But she did find the carrots and did think it was pretty funny.
She didn't think it was funny when I told her she was never getting cookies in her lunch again though.

Any other good tricks out there today??


Mary said...

You are so creative!
And you create so much fun for your children :)
I enjoy reading about the stuff you come up with! Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

This makes me smile.:) Miss you guys.XOXOXOXO Mom

Paul & Peggy said...

That cake idea rocks! I'm going to have to remember that one! :)

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