Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I don't know why my life feels so busy and crazy.
I'm really not loving this single parent/not living with my husband but for one day a week/attempt all the yardwork myself in this gorgeous weather since he'll only be home on the (forecasted rainy) weekend/can't figure out obnoxious beeping detector/house is on the market so I have to keep it clean and not really decorate for holidays/somebody make an offer on it already stuff.
PMS is not helping.

I can't wait for MOPS to be over, I can't wait to be done with Caleb, I can't wait for school to be out (or at least not have any more big heavy parental involvement projects), I can't wait to just move and get it over with. I hate that it's drawn out and stressing me out so much.

Easter is in four days and I haven't even pulled out the box of spring decorations, Easter baskets or thought for a second about buying, dying or filling Easter eggs.

At least the sunshine makes me happy!


jessica said...

Good morning, Heather. We, too, are praying for a quick sale on your home. This is a tough situation any way you look at it. We need our husbands. I know how much you love the holidays and the family activities associated with that. Just know that over here in Minnesota, you are on our hearts and we love you!

jenny said...

i think you've got the right to vent. i hope the house sells quick and you can get on with the 'new' life WITH everyone all together. you totally get into the holidays so that's a bummer you haven't been able to really decorate or get into the season. if it makes you feel better, i haven't either (i did get the easter basket stuff for tucker). instead, it's been birthday week here and it looks like spiderman threw up all over my house. :)

sunshine is good. thinking about you!

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