Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am completely wiped out. And am no where near able to go to bed yet.

So last week I didn't have Caleb (the eight month old I watch) here all week and it was gorgeous weather and I did awesome at keeping the house clean.

And not a single person wanted to look at our house.

I even did a special deep clean on Friday, with everything perfectly ready to show, since we were going to be out of the house all day long and we had just had the house relisted at a lower price, I thought for sure we'd get some traffic.

Nothing. Nada. All week or all weekend.

But now.
After a whirlwind weekend (seriously-- was it not just Friday afternoon??) full of a quick-Ryan's-here-let's-get-this-done-yard project (which turned out -as always- to be a bigger project than we thought and took much of the whole two days) and hosting a big Easter dinner at our house, we were putting our yard back together and Ryan was mowing the lawn 'till after 6pm and then quick throwing his things in the car and heading back to Nashville way too late for our taste...
Now. Now we have a showing set for 9am tomorrow.

I'm not complaining... I want the house traffic to pick up again.
It's just that my house is trashed. Well, not really the house... mainly the kitchen. And the dining room. And the playroom. And my bedroom. (what... I had to figure out an Easter outfit!)
I just now got the kids to bed (no school tomorrow) and I sat down to look over my pictures from today real quick while they settle down and now I really really don't want to get up and clean. And then get up early to take Caleb. And then make sure the house is great and get three kids out the door by 9.

I want it to be Saturday again. And I really really just want to go to bed.

Oh hey, Happy Easter!
We had the Swinigans over for dinner (lunch) and were just basking in the great Easter weather. Sundresses and bare feet! Sunshine and outdoor egg hunts! Love it!!
Ryan and I were actually a little sunburned from working out in the yard yesterday and I noticed this evening Savannah's got a little pink on her arms from today. It's been too long since we've had such sunny warm Easters!

We tried to change up our somehow-became-traditional family picture this year by moving outdoors to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.
Word of advice: when you marry a squinty-eyed smiler and you have squinty-eyed smiling kids and you try to take pictures out of doors on sunny, nomal people may squint kind of days... you won't see anything resembling eyes.

So back inside for the same old, same old...

Hope your Easter was Happy!


Anonymous said...

At least you tried. We did not even attempt a family picture. Your indoor picture is cute as usual.Happy Easter! XOXOXOX Mom

Habbala said...

I actually really LOVE that "same old, same old" thing. I love that you can see how the family is growing and changing! So cool.

Ryan said...

The outside picture turned out pretty good considering how windy it was...and I have to say that I think that the squinty-eyed kids look pretty cute.
I was just amazed that they finally listened to me when I said that if they just smile nicely the first time then we will be done much quicker!

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