Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm usually not one for making fools on April 1st. I think pranks and tricks can be hilarious and I love surprises with the best of 'em... I'm just not creative enough to come up with things like that on my own. Thus, with the exception of the birthdays of two friends growing up (Happy Birthday Stacey! Happy Birthday Teri!) April 1st is usually just another day around here.
However, as with most holidays when you have kids around, I decided maybe I should put a little effort into it this year. You know, actually acknowledge it and explain it to Savannah. I figured they'd say something about it at school and I thought I should beat 'em to the punch so to speak.

On the drive to school today I told her April first was a little holiday where people sometimes like to play jokes and tricks on each other or just be silly or do things backwards. She came home from school and told me she had something to show me for April Fool's Day... and then preceeded to walk backwards across the kitchen and then giggled and yelled "Happy April Fools Day!!" telling me she had been practicing that all afternoon to show me and is that how we celebrate April Fools Day?... :)

Okay, so what else did we do today to celebrate?
Well, this was Savannah's favorite (after she got the tricking and silliness a little better!)... Ryan came home from work to find his big tv looking like this:She was all excited to call Ryan downstairs and tell him she had something to show him about his tv! He's always a little nervous about the kids playing down there with that big tv out in the open (and golf clubs and pool balls in the same room!), so it was perfect. Here's where I found the prank broken screen background. We have our computer downstairs hooked up to also display on the big screen, so it worked out great!

While they were all downstairs, I got dinner ready. Here was dinner:
chicken-pot pie
but, um... not really.

this is actually a pie crust over vanilla pudding and the "veggies" are
Sixlets (peas),
Starbursts (carrots),
Mike&Ikes (corn),
white chocolate chunks (chicken) and bananas (potatoes)!

Savannah must have told me three times that she loved this kind of chicken pot pie!

So before we had "dinner" which was really dessert, we decided to be silly and have "dessert" first.

The kids were awfully excited to see cupcakes on the table for dinner!
Not so excited when they dug in and found out it was really meatloaf frosted with mashed potatoes!!

Savannah thought it was hilarious and got the best big grin on her face each time I asked, "did I trick ya?!"

p.s. She did like them in the end...

and just so you don't think I'm really this creative all by myself, here's where these recipes came from...
Food Pranks!

Did any one else get fooled today? :)


Nicole said...

Hilarious! I never seem to have the ambition to do fun things for holidays (I guess if you consider this a holiday). I was watching Jon and Kate last night and she was SO into Valentine's Day. I thought "Sheesh... I never get into decorating or holidays or anything like that.

And uhm... did you mean "SIX"lets or "SEX"lets HAHA!

K.M.L said...

Great idea! I am sure Ryan *loved* the tv prank! :)

Amy said...

You rock, my friend! These ideas are so awesome. I hope I can remember them for next year!

Btw, I went to start my new book on Sunday night and then got sick with a 24 hour stomach bug. Needless to say, I never got to start reading - hopefully tonight. Thanks again.

Mom said...

WoW! I am impressed! What fun foods for April Fools Day! And the tv screen trick was great. Well done my dear. I did nothing.Oh well.XOXO

lina said...

I LOVE the food pranks! I will have to do this one for my kids next year :)

Anonymous said...

OMG... how COOL is that pot pie!?!? And the TV too?!? So awesome!

Your kids are lucky to have such a fun mom!

jenny said...

those. were. AWESOME. i'm taking note of this and next year i'll try to get more in the 'holiday spirit'. :)

Kristi S said...

Food pranks...no way!! Thta is an AWESOME idea! LOL

Michelle Leigh said...

Those are awesome! You are so creative! Super mom I say. I did no jokes and no jokes were played on me! I'm just not good at it!

Christina said...

What a cute idea for dinner and dessert. I will have to remember these ideas for next year. Wow! You are a great mom!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea with the food. Very creative:)


LeeAnn said...

Awesome job with the food!! It looks so real!

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