Monday, July 28, 2008

random pics of the kids

So I've already pretty much given the rundown of our time at the Zackbar's Barczak's. Lots of busywork, lots of catching up, lots of fun. Not lots of pictures though. I'm so bad at snapping the everyday stuff. Honestly, I didn't even pick up my camera until we were almost on our way out on the last day...

Sawyer was absolutely smitten with Baby Hudson. I guess he's never really been around a baby much. But everytime he walked by Hudson he had to stop and "check on him", rock him, talk to him or take care of him. And about every five minutes when Hudson was awake Sawyer was asking, "hold him?". He loved holding the baby.

Sawyer was watching tv like this

he and Savannah even "fought" over him...

Savannah seemed like such a big girl holding the little one.

And we actually managed to get some pictures of all the kids together at one point...

Sawyer had to be touching Hudson, even when he wasn't holding him.

As I've said before, two-year-olds are not very cooperative when it comes to pictures.
It wasn't long before these guys were falling


(notice Sawyer still has to be touching the baby!!)

But even after the breakdowns, you can always count on Sawyer for just a little bit more smiling cheese...

I call this last one his "hippo face". Those bottom two teeth you can see remind me of the two big bottom teeth that stick out of a hippo's mouth. :)

That's it for our little outdoor mini photo shoot. Those five minutes out in the yard were the most we were outside all week as the mosquitos were absolutely insane. If you look closely at Savannah's face you'll see at least five bites on her face that she got while she was sleeping the night before. You don't want to know how many bites we got while out in the yard for these pictures...
(mosquito reference #2. and 3,4,5, and 83)


jenny said...

i love the hippo face! what a goofball! :)

Nicole said...

OMG look at my dorky kid in the Bumbo. Oh, yeah, that's one thing I've left out of my blog... Porter still needs assistance sitting up HAAHAHA!

Mom said...

Super cute grandkids I have.:)Fun pictures!!!XOXOXOX

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