Monday, July 28, 2008

Sawyer gets his hockey fix

Now's my chance...
both kids are in their rooms resting (hopefully actually sleeping), I have the laundry running as well as the dishwasher. So I'm taking this opportunity to dive into some pics of our trip last week.
I'm going to break it up into chapters/days/events/family members or something so you're not overwhelmed by a ton of pics you don't really care about. I'm also going to try (no promises) to get these all into our shutterfly account for all the rest and for any family (Mom) who wants to print any.

So, first up.
The First Day.
We left home bright and too early Friday and rolled into Jackson right around dinnertime. Our first stop was the Huff house where Sawyer was delighted to find Little Donnie had grown up over the past year to be the perfect little sports buddy for him. At home Sawyer is surrounded by girls and he was loving a little guy buddy who has all the same obsessions he does. We did some grilling outside while the boys had a blast riding around on Donnie's bikes and skateboard and catching little frogs around the yard. When we got sick of the mosquitos (mosquito reference #1) we moved inside and the boys all spend a good hour or more playing hockey. It was hilarious. Sawyer loved every minute of it. We got some good video of all this too, but here are some of the quick pics of the hockey extravaganza I caught:

note #1: it was a good thing they were wearing helmets because they NEEDED them. Donnie's stick The boys' sticks were all over the place!
note #2: Don played Keeper most of the time and would do these hilariously overdramatic dive saves to block the little boys' goal shots. Both boys would almost collapse in giggles.
note #3: it was a really good thing they were wearing helmets because they really NEEDED them.
note #4: Don taught Sawyer to high five the sticks after a goal... and also the helmet headbutt. Which Sawyer LOVED.
note #5: did I mention it was a good thing they had helmets on?


Katie said...

Haha!! Those pics. are too cute....I'm telling ya, you guys better start saving up for all that hockey gear, camps, ice time....etc... *He's a little maniac!*

Donnie enjoyed having another little boy his age who thrives on sports & balls as well :)

Ryan said...

does this mean that i can't continue my plan to push him into soccer?

jessica said...

That is just the best.

K.M.L said...

Very cute!!! :)

Nicole said...

OMG that last picture is priceless. What a cheesy grin!! HAHA!

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