Tuesday, July 22, 2008

can't blog; busy vacationing

Or not.
Yes, we are on vacation... Yes, we are out of town... and Yes, we are most definitely enjoying ourselves. It's just not what most would typically call a "vacation". :)
It just feels like we're nomads back in time about a year!!
We're here in Jackson and have spent most of our time with the Barczaks (or Zackbars as SJ referred to them today) working on the house they've lived in for a mere 8 days. Five of those with us here. Saturday, our first full day here, we helped them with some miscellaneous cleaning and hanging of things like shelves and blinds and then were here for their first (of many!) game nights in their new house that evening with all of us and the Huffs and the Dawsons. We had a great night... Fun games, awesome food, just like old times!!

Sunday Nicole and I decided to attack the dining room wallpaper. That turned out to be a horrid project and we somehow moved ourselves from the dining room to the foyer. We ended up stripping all of the foyer wallpaper, all the way up the stairs and then ripped out the carpet on the stairs. Oh my. Talk about getting in over our heads! I'm not sure how many hours we worked on the walls, which by the way needed much patching, mending and sanding. Oh, and let's not get into the number of staples we pulled from those stairs.
Skip ahead to today and we got it all primed, painted and finished. We also painted the master bedroom and put together their new bed. It felt good to get some stuff accomplished. Especially after the mess we felt like we got ourselves into on Sunday.

And poor Ryan. His vacation has pretty much consisted of child care. Seriously... Nicole and I have spent like two whole days working on house stuff and Ryan's been stuck with the kids. On Sunday both Ryans took all the kids to a kids' play place and out to lunch. Monday myRyan entertained the kids all day while us girls took our trip to heaven IKEA, and today he took them all for a long walk to the high school and ran them around the track and up and down the bleachers! haha!

Anyway, all that to say we've been keeping busy! And we need a vacation from our vacation!!
I have a lot of stories and I did take some good pics earlier in the trip, but now it all seems like old news. I hate when I get so behind in my blogging.

We're headed up to Evart tomorrow to stay at the Huff's cottage on the river. To sit around with nothing to do but relax and "vacation". So that'll be nice.
I thought I should get on here for a little update before we don't have internet for a few days. Of course; we've been having a lot going on and a lot to write about with no time to blog (or anyother online activity for that matter... I have 276 unread posts in my google reader and 333 emails in my inbox) and then when we go up north to sit around on our arses with nothing for me to do but blog, that's when we'll have no internet.

I'll see you when we're back in civilization.


Heather S. said...

Glad to hear you are doing well! Enjoy your few days of relaxing!!

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