Monday, July 28, 2008

river rats

So we made our way up to Evart on Wednesday to stay with the Huffs at their family's houses (next door to each other) on the Muskegon river. We had a great time and great weather. Too bad we couldn't fully enjoy it more as we could only go outside for short periods of time and only absolutely bathed in DEET. (mosquito reference #84) What the heck is it with Michigan and Mosquitos?!?

Thursday morning Don and Donnie took us down the road to feed some friendly neighborhood horses...

And then of course the kids (and the dads) had to throw rocks into the river...
for what seemed like hours.
Boys and rocks.
We also took a little float trip down the river a couple of hours, ending up on the sandbar just up from our bigger cottage. The kids played in the water and sand until they could barely stand up anymore and we finally drug them inside to get cleaned up and eat.

What is it about water that is so relaxing?? I loved floating down the river... even Sawyer who we all know is normally so non-stop was just content to float along with his hand dragging in the water. Of course when we got to shallow parts of the river and one of the older Huff boys would jump in, Sawyer was all in too. My kids just thought it was a riot to hop over the side of the boat and wade/float for awhile until we fished 'em back up into the canoe. But that river is just so relaxing.
And to just sit out on the deck and watch the river run by. The hours that could slip by that way...

Once the kids were in bed each night at the cabin, we let the hours slip by by playing a few too many games of Buzz. Don and Ryan got a little too wrapped up in the Junior version and we had a couple of late nights with those obnoxious monkeys. :)


Jennifer said...

I know the feeling about how relazing the river is. We go on at least two float trips on the Current River each year. Now that you are in St. Louis you should take advantage of how close you are to some great floating rivers (only an hour from where you are)! The Meramac is nice but go the extra hour to the Current you will love it.

Mom said...

That does sound like a wonderful way to relax and have fun.The pictures are cute too. Maybe we could find a way to do something like that with you in the St.Louis area sometime.Your dad is going rafting with friends this weekend on the Clackamas.

Ryan said...

don and i weren't just throwing rocks into the river...we were trying to kill some of the mosquitos for you. sawyer and little d are pretty good shots too.

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