Monday, July 14, 2008

say cheese

Anyone have any idea how many shots it might take for three adults to get a good picture of a five-year-old, two two-year-olds and a 17-month-old together, all sitting down, looking the same direction, without fighting, whining, pouting, being obnoxious or falling apart... preferably smiling??
Oh, and maybe time that right for the photographer to actually take that one good picture in focus??!

Take 1:Take 9:Take 22:
Take 24:
Take 39:
Take 41:
Take 45:
Take 47:
Take 48:
Take 49:
Take 50-something:
This was all in an effort to replicate last year's photo. :)

p.s. Aimee-
some good ones turned out from our outside pics too...
remind me to email you those or get them to you next time we see you!


jessica said...

Something must have been going right when they're getting more and more smiley the more pictures you take. That doesn't seem to happen at my house!

Mom said...

All the pictures are pretty darn cute.Definately worth the effort.XOX

The Malones said...

Those boys are the cutest, and the girlie is pretty cute herself! You have the perfect "bunking up" house!

K.M.L said...

I love it!!!!!!!!! They are ALL too cute!

Denise said...

LOL! I love it!

jenny said...

hahaha - this post just had me cracking up! great documentation of what we all have to go through! :) cute shots!

Amie R. said...

Man that was a lot of effort!! But DANG we have cute kids!!! :)

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