Saturday, February 2, 2013

snow days (actually, make that singular)

On Friday, school was called off due to weather.
Weather which was pretty much undetectable by 10am.
Yes, the dusting we had was indeed no longer by the time the kids and I ventured out mid-morning.
I think they only called school because it was a Friday. ;)

So we hung out at Target.
(I realized I hadn't darkened Target's doorway for over two weeks!  I was having with-drawls!!)
And we had lunch:

The next morning, we woke up to find ACTUAL SNOW.
Still just a dusting to maybe just over an inch, but at least the ground (and the roads) were white.  And of course the kids had to go out and play;

 (yes, I know the snow looks awfully grassy, but I swear the yard was covered... we didn't get the camera out until they'd already been playing out there for quite awhile, with LOTS of running and snowballs and rolling around in it)

Clementine LOVES the snow. She was out for hours running and leaping and pawing the ground and trying to catch snowballs and burying her nose in it and eating it.
(Good thing I had depoopified the yard before the snow!)

[for comparison sake, I just went back and looked at these quick video snippets from last winter & puppy Clementine :)]

Sawyer's basketball game was cancelled (even though once again- the roads were fine before noon. ugh) and we just spent the day lounging around, ran a couple of errands, and hanging, enjoying each other. I worked on picture albums here and there, the boys played hockey and rode bikes and we just had an all around, run-of-the-mill, hang out, low-key Saturday. 

My favorite kind. :)


Mom said...

LOVE all the pictures! Any amount of snow is fun!! XOXOXOXO

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