Friday, January 13, 2012

[no] snow day

School called a Snow Day today.
It snowed a bit yesterday afternoon... baaaarely enough for the kids to go out and scrape up a few snowballs after school:

(also: can you believe that puppy is only 16wks old?!?!!)

I believe it snowed a bit off and on overnight, but there was actually less snow on the ground this morning than when we went to bed.  But I guess some lone road somewhere in our entire county has a bit of ice on it, so no school today.  Meanwhile, our roads are dry as a bone.  I won't go off on that tangent again.

So here we are today; a mom who had a kidless agenda in her head for the day, two antsy kids and an obnoxious puppy who I can't really send outside since it's all of about 18° outside. 

I got all panicky about being cooped up today and wanted to get out and do something fun, but the kids shot down 99% of my ideas.
In the end, I called a Lazy Movie Day... and it's actually been nice.  We've had Netflix on constant stream, pillow pets and blankets are strewn around the living room, we made pillsbury refrigerator biscuit mini-pizzas and popcorn and now brownies are in the oven.
Apparently I'm calling a Throw The Diet & Exercise Out The Window Day as well. ;)


Mom said...

It looks to cold out to play. Glad you made the choice to stay in and lay low. You could always turn on the "dance" and get your workout in too!XOXOXOX

Heidi said...

So jealous!
I wanted a snow day this week...I'll hope for next week instead.

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