Sunday, February 3, 2013

super sunday

To fit right into our low key weekend, Superbowl Sunday was no different.
For the first time in as long as I can remember, we had no plans whatsoever for the Superbowl.
No having anyone over, no taking yummy food and snacks over to someone else's house, nada.
I was kind of at a loss. ;)

I took a household survey and made up a quick menu consisting of each person's game day dinner/snack request, so we just had a mish-mash of yummies: 
Our spread consisted of grapes and a veggie plate (courtesy of keeping my mom status in the house), bufffalo chicken dip, fritos corn dip (both were my cravings), Easy Cheese and crackers (a la Savannah), regular old chips and cheese (requested by Sawyer), and some juicy ribs (for the only one who actually cared about food and game in this house).
We ate for most of the game. :)

And surprisingly, the kids actually sat and watched the whole thing.  Well, the whole thing until we sent them to bed after half time. ;)

It was a really nice first family Superbowl.
I'd do it again any year.


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