Thursday, February 28, 2013

a dozen to wrap up february

I did this last month and I'm going to try to do a quick rundown monthly this year.
So here's the quick dozen for February...

1) What I was reading:
Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter... (along with What's the Big Deal About Sex with SJ on our girls' weekend)
2) Top three songs I was drawn to:
Before My Time (up for an oscar), Keegan Smith's Smile, still can't get enough Mumford & Sons
3) Movies I saw:
4) Favorite TV moments of the month:
my kids discovering Brady Bunch reruns :)
5) Something I made:
Miya's birthday doll
6) Restaurants where I ate:
Red Robin, McDougals
7) Something I am thankful for:
good DCS workers
8) A goal I had for this month:
better (healthier)(non-out-to-eat) meals
9) I started the month looking forward to:
hopefully a little snow
10) A disappointment this month:
realizing we had things stolen
11)Something that really made me smile:
Sawyer's notes up all over the house
12) Something I really want to remember about this month:
meeting this teeny tiny baby boy and his big blue eyes


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