Tuesday, March 5, 2013

hello march

Only 5 days late. :)

Wow, what a week.  And it's only Tuesday.
I think my seasonal affective disorder is finally in full effect.  I thought I was maybe going to pass it up this year, with the distraction of a brand new baby and all, but no.
Or maybe I've just been in an extra funky funk for the last handful of days.
Or maybe being suddenly thrown back into newborn nights has taken it's toll.
Whichever it is, I've had enough.

And it seems like it's been this whole house; it's safe to say Ryan's not exactly been the most fun to be around the last couple of days either and our kids are just absolutely at the ends of their ropes with a short, short fuse on each of them.
Even the dog is more needy/annoying than usual.
This dark, grey, rainy, rainy day is not helping things.

I think we all need a vacation.

I'm getting my hair done tonight (a fun, salon night with a treatment and blow-out at a girlfriend's salon- yay!!), we do have a little vacation planned less than three weeks away, we have some favorite houseguests to look forward to, and there's just seven more school days until our spring break (our 2+ week spring break!) starts.  And it's supposed to be almost 70° and sunny this weekend.
So that helps. :)


Mom said...

Doesnt seem like it should be March so soon does it. Wish things were going better for you,but certainly a lot of fun things to look forward to!! I am sure the sleepless nights are a huge part of how you are feeling.When I get down,thanking the Lord for what HE has provided,and for His steadfast LOVE (and praising HIS name),usually lift my spirit.Maybe the kids need to make an attitude of grattitude list too.You are in my thoughts and prayers.Love and miss you!XOXOXO

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