Monday, February 25, 2013

meet coen

So we have a new baby here. :)
He arrived last Tuesday, he's as sweet as can be, super duper tiny (my two babies weren't this little since probably two months before birth!) and we are loving him to pieces.
We've had a DCS team meeting already, and a first court appearance... which was basically reset to later this week, so no real plan yet.  I'm anxious to discover what the ultimate plan will be for this little guy.  He has an interesting story and I'm curious how it'll play out.

So, meet [masked for the world wide web] "Coen":

Three weeks old, all of about 6lbs, and a crazy full head of hair.
I wish I could show more [real] pictures of him as he is just the most adorably goofy little man I've ever seen.  Cute, cute, cute.  And I don't say that about all babies. ;)
My phone is filling up with snaps of this preciousness...

He's already been to Target (of course), a babysitters', the courthouse, a basketball game, a dinner party, church, and the baseball field. At just three weeks old, he's a well traveled little man already.

 He sleeps well (a lot) and we're only getting up twice a night with him, so this brand new newborn thing isn't as bad as I'd anticipated with him being so new and especially tiny.  He's a chill little guy and when he is awake he makes a lot of eye contact and is just too fun to snuggle.  I'm treasuring this tiny little bundle! 
I had to run out last week and buy a handful of things for him because even the clothes we brought Sawyer home from the hospital in, Coen was just swimming drowning in.
The kids are loving him up too. They want to hold him a lot and ask about him first thing when they get home from school, etc.  I love it.

Welcome to our world little Coen... we're happy to be loving on you while you're here! :)


Mom said...

So precious.And so happy you guys have this special time with him.Hope we get to actually meet Coen.XOXOXOX

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

So sweet Heather! That bouncer looks familiar!! Isn't it the one Savannah had? xoxo

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