Thursday, December 9, 2010

card me

[I think I need to insert a permanent disclaimer here: please excuse any dark unedited pics. They make me cringe sometimes, and I hate not resizing, but I'm without photoshop these days and I live in a minimally naturally lit house and I just have to get over it]

Remember the Thanksgiving frame I put on this blank cabinet in our kitchen?

Enter: December

I wrote about Christmas card displays last year, and as much as I love that little tree I've used for years, it was way too small for the amount of cards we get these days and I didn't have a great spot to put it in a new house this year that could catch the overflow on the walls like I've done before. But I did find a great narrow spot in our entryway that fits the silver tree itself nicely. Sans cards.
So I had to come up with a new idea for cards and decided to just try changing up the frame I had up for Thanksgiving.

I cut a scroll-ey shape out of shimmery blue glitter paper, added a couple of strips of green polka dot paper (I didn't even back them on anything- just taped them right to the frame) and got to spelling with some glitter letters I had on hand. I was trying to think of a word or phrase fitting for picts and cards from friends and settled on "it's the most wonderful time of the year".

-I don't think you can tell in these pictures, but the letters are all just a little bit glittery. Just the right amount of sparkle!-

I changed out the mini-clothespins I used in the fall for some round swirly clips I had in my stash, added a tiny sparkly candy cane sticker (and a beaded candy cane Sawyer added from school) and whalah... we're ready for Christmas cards!

(yes, this is my own card up here... I couldn't stand a completely blank frame staring at me.)

I'll clip or hang the cards over the twine and just stick overflow and most of the flat photo cards directly on the cabinet above and below.
Bring on the Christmas cards people!


jenny said...

i freaking LOVE this. good idea!

Nicole said...

Great idea! I haven't got my cards back yet but will be sending out next week I think . : )

LeeAnn Howard said...

great idea! what size frame did you use too? i am addressing ours this weekend. :)

Mom said...


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