Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas cards

LeeAnn was asking me about my Christmas card holder and I started to reply to her and then decided to turn it into a whole post. I love seeing the different ways and creative ideas different homes have in displaying the holiday greetings they get from loved ones. There are so many very cool ways to have them in sight this season! So I'm hoping you'll all share with me too! What do you do with your holiday cards? Tape them up around a doorway?... Hang them on ribbon?... Display them in a cute basket?...

Here's my Christmas card holder:

this year
(bring on the cards, people!)

and the last couple of years all filled up

I got my card holder, I think, from JoAnn's Craft eight years ago -the year we were first married. It originally had metal door hook on the top to hang it over the top of the door. I did use it that way for a year or two, but then I had Ryan cut off the hanger part and now I just use a nail to put it where I want.

Almost every year I think I want to come up with a new way to display our cards... something more creative and interesting to look at, but so far I really still like my little tree. There are so many cool ideas though; like these

and this one and these pages of ideas.

What do you do with your cards? Post about it and leave a link here!


K.M.L said...

Our cards go on our doorway and the older cards from previous years go into buckets or card holders...


Anonymous said...

I would love to display them, but don't really have a great spot. For now, in this house, they go into a cute basket on the counter (which I just bought...was really tired of the old I'd had for the past 7 years!).

LeeAnn Howard said...

Thanks for posting this. Ill be sure to subscribe to check out all the different ways. I do like the idea of the ribbon on the armoire. That would work in our living room. I may do that this year until I can find an actual wall fixture like you have. In the past we have always just taped them to the wall like you have done, but Im thinking with the house being up for sale and showing it, that might be kinda busy or tacky.
Here is last years pic: http://todayisadifferentday.blogspot.com/2009/01/christmas-decor.html

and Ill post a pic hopefully this week of the armoire project. :)

kim said...

love this post! such cute ideas. we have one of those french message boards (i think that's what they are called?) in our kitchen. it's huge - probably 3x4 feet at least - and that's where we put all of our cards. kind of ends up looking like the second example pic above - a big old mess. :) we also use it for family photos, baby announcements, wedding thank yous, etc, and we leave photo xmas cards up all year long. i actually just took yours down a couple weeks ago when i was making room for this year's cards! :) and it's still sitting on my counter - i looked at you at lunch, haha!

here is ours:

Mom said...

Remember the old "stone" Santa that stands with his bundle in front of the fireplace? I put my cards in the sleigh beside him. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!XOXOXOX

Steph said...

Happy birthday Heather! :)

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