Sunday, December 12, 2010

snow day

Goodness, the weekend got away from me this time around. Really-- how is it possible it's over already??

It's been snowing all day.
Love it.
Love it, love it, love it.
School canceled tomorrow already. We only have about four inches on the ground but it rained all day yesterday and before the snow and now it's about 16° so it sounds like it's pretty slick out there.
We had friends over for lunch after church and watched the snow come down all day. The kids went out to play late afternoon and by the time they went to bed all their sled tracks we covered up already. We spent some time looking out at the yard in their upstairs bedroom windows before we said goodnight... the roof of the sunroom below comes right up to their windows and the light up there made the snow outside their windows sparkle... and with the snow still falling and the quiet yard stretching out and the view down the hill... it was just so pretty.

Backing up a bit, Friday was my birthday.
My favorite thing about my birthday -the kids' birthdays too- is that Ryan always takes the day off. This year the stars were aligned and both kids had school all day... meaning Ryan and I got to hang out all day together, just us. Wish every Friday were like that!
After we dropped Sawyer off, we stopped for donuts and then -oh excitement!- spent the morning getting our cars emission tests, registered and new license plates. We were going to get our TN driver's license too, but got impatient. We went out to lunch and then did a little bit of extra Christmas shopping for the kids done before we went back to pick up Sawyer and head home for Savannah. It was just a fun, laid-back day and I loved spending it with my favorite people!

Saturday we did a few little projects around the house and then I spent the rest of the day finishing up all my handmade gifts. I think we are officially set for Christmas now. I'll get things wrapped and to the post office this week and we'll be good to go!

I can't believe the kids only have this week of school left before Christmas break is here already! And not even a full week-- Savannah just has a half day Thursday and then Friday starts break. That is crazy!
I'm sure this week will go at warp speed as well.
How does all this stuff just keep going faster and faster??


Mom said...

I really hate to say this but the older you get ,the faster time flys. Gulp, you just had a birthday! Anyway,I am glad Friday was such a nice day for you AND now you have your SNOW!!!We have super mild temps in the low 60's . Go figure. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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