Saturday, December 4, 2010

on a roll

Goodness today was a good day of accomplishment!
We did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping this morning (yes, the mall on a Saturday... what were we thinking??) and then spent the rest of the day watching football, playing video games and making the rest of our Christmas presents.
I'll leave it to you to guess who did what.

I am so excited about our Christmas presents this year!
I had originally planned on a totally homemade gift list this year, but as my good laptop is still out of commission, I don't have the list I tediously compiled from way back last year. Planning ahead never really works out for me... when will I learn that?! Anyway, with our house and life still feeling pretty crazy since moving, I wasn't sure if I had the motivation or resources to pull it off, especially without my master list. I don't even remember most of what was on it because I just bookmarked it all way back around last Christmas and left it at that, not thinking of it again until this fall when I couldn't access it. But over the last few weeks I've casually been compiling things I could think of, new ideas, and new experiments and amazingly my homemade list kept growing and growing.

I tallied it up today and we are about 98% done shopping for our families -our three sets of parents, nine siblings (and sibling-in-laws) and six nieces and nephews. Out of all of those we have purchased only five gifts from retailers, one of them being a handmade Etsy buy and one of them being from this website which I feel good about because it's giving back to a good cause.
Otherwise we've made/are making the rest of our gifts here. And with mostly supplies I already had on hand. Two growth charts, a canvas print, tu-tus, picture frames, memory games, coasters, jars of flavored coffee creamers, drink mixes and a cocktail recipe book, jewelry and a collection of wooden photo boards. I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh, I also made myself a new tree skirt!
Did I mention we've been busy today??
I LOVE this stuff!

I'm waiting for daylight to take pictures of some of the goodies tomorrow and then I'll show them off. There's still time if you're looking for handmade ideas to swipe!!


Mom said...

I would love to make some of the gifts I give.It was hard when you guys were little,and it hasn't gotten any easier for me.I would have to work on them in July,and it is very hard for me to get in the Christmas mood when it is hot.XOXOXO

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