Sunday, January 31, 2010

comment love

Okay, so we're all familiar with NaBloPoMo right?
I'm putting a twist on that for the month of February; instead of daily blogging, I'm aiming for daily commenting...

Ryan snuck on the ol' blog the other day and wrote his own post here. Which I loved because I'm always trying to get him to write stuff and hear his take on things of the Everyday Life variety (and who here remembers his long lost weekly Sunday guest appearance??) and I love how he always makes me laugh.

After his surprise appearance the other day, I urged him to go ahead and do that more often.

he: "Nobody likes me writing on there, look I only got two comments on my post!"

me: "Um, well then that means nobody likes me writing on here either because that's a good comment day for me these days!!"

Which is true.

Not that I'm blogging for comments... we've already been through that. But we all know it's nice to have a little conversation or a little feedback or at least know someone's keeping up on your rambling once in awhile via a little comment love.

Whether it's the residual affect of Facebook or Twitter or quick Google-reading or Life busyness or just blogging not being on the top of our to-do list anymore, we've all noticed that our regular old faithful bloggers are just not writing as often. And maybe it's just me, but something else I've noticed is that readers aren't commenting as often. I hardly ever comment on friends' blogging anymore either.
It's just so much easier to glance through my reader and keep it all one sided sometimes.

But I want to make an effort to change that.

I've been thinking, in my resolution to reorganize my internet/computer time priorities, that something that should be more important to me is not just reading what my friends write and keeping up on their goings-on in life, but to let them know that I am.
To encourage them, to relate with them, to laugh with them, to commiserate with them or just to let them know I'm there. Not that my presence makes a pivotal difference in their blogging experience, but just because sometimes it's nice to know someone is paying attention. Sometimes it's nice to know someone cares. Sometimes a random comment makes us smile. Sometimes leaving a random comment makes me smile.

I glance at dozens of blog posts a day.
I can take five minutes and comment on a few to let them know I appreciate them!

So for this next month, I've decided I'm committing to leaving comments on at least three blog posts every day. Spreading a little Comment Love during this "Month of Love" that is February.

Anyone care to join me??

(I'm putting this image in my blogger profile for the month as a reminder of the comment love we should be passing around. Feel free to copy and paste if you want to jump aboard the crusade!)


Anonymous said...

I comment love you. : ) Hoping we can catch up in real person soon. How is your arm? Sarah Pearson

K.M.L said...

I think this is a great idea! I was thinking the same thing about I've been a comment slacker on a lot of in turn my blog hasn't gotten any comment love. Great idea! :)

Nicole said...

I'm in! I agree... I feel like I've been slacking on both blogging and commenting lately. And I, too, have noticed a major decrease in blog conversation via comments.

The Bishops said...

Great idea!


anne said...

What a nice idea for the month of February!

Misti said...

What a great idea. I'm really bad about lurking, but then wonder why no one ever comments on mine. You reap what you sow... ;o)

LeeAnn Howard said...

Great Idea! Im in too. :)

Anonymous said...

great idea! i'm in.

jenny said...

yey! i am so with you - always reading through google reader and not taking the time to 'click in' most days. i'm all about giving out some comment love! :)

CassJustCurious said...

I told Jenny I think it's a great idea and I clicked on over and I didn't even KNOW you before so now I feel like it's a double win. Look forward to commenting :-)

Denise said...

Love the idea!

amber said...

i'm in! thanks for the idea!

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