Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teaching the Fundamentals

I am big believer in teaching our kids the fundamentals. This way they have a good basis for learning the more advanced techniques. If they can master the basics then they will be set for whatever comes their way.
I feel that so many things these days are trying to make my kids grow up too fast. Kids don't play with Lincoln logs anymore they skip right to Legos with a Star Wars theme or something. They don't watch Sesame Street, they skip right on to High School Musical.
Well, I am taking steps to combat that!
I am having them start with the 8-bit Nintendo system!

And no better place to start than with our pals Mario and Luigi.And check it out! Sawyer might be a natural! Just look at his face!

(by Ryan)


anne said...

Now that is awesome!!! I generally hate video games of all sorts, but I do hold a soft spot in my heart for that old-school Nintendo and Super Mario.

jenny said...

hilarious! i support you in your mission. the original nintendo ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

*chuckling* our kids had the once in a lifetime opp. to play wii over Christmas break. Andrew kept saying (about what his favorite part of each day was) "I had the most fun playing the weet!" Sarah Pearson

Katie said...

We have an atari if you want to borrow it! =)

gramps said...

Sawyer looks just like Ryan when he played nintendo

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