Friday, January 29, 2010

movie night

We've been slacking on our Sunday family movie nights around here lately.
Luckily we've been making up for it in other ways...
Last weekend we went to one of our local firestations for a super fun kids movie night. Everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets and beanbags and they set up a big projector with a movie and there was popcorn and Kool-aid and the kids just thought it was so stinkin' cool to be hanging out in the firehouse with lots of friends and neighbors!

Can you name the movie?

This week, tonight, Savannah's school is having a family movie night in their gym. Ryan took the kids over and he called to report they're having a fun (albeit really crowded) time eating their skittles and popcorn and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. He's a trooper taking them both over himself since I'm laid-up here (wait- what's the opposite of laid-up since I can't really sit or lay comfortably??) and can't really sit through a movie.

Instead I have to hang out in by myself in this peace and quiet for once! Darn it!!

(hmm... Ryan sent me a pic from his phone but I have no idea how to get pictures from this teeeeeny tiny card in my phone onto my computer, so that'll have to wait...)


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