Thursday, May 7, 2009

wanted: recipes

I need more recipes. (list of past requests at top of sidebar)----------------------------->
You guys! If you want this to be a fun collection for all of us, you gotta gimme more!! I got a ton of recipes for the first category I announced.... and then it's dwindled down to all but nothing with subsequent requests. So unless you guys only prepare appetizers for your family, breakfast lunch and dinner, you're holding out on me.

New Category!
It's a sunny sunny, warm day here and I'm in the summer mood and with summer, in my mind, goes grilling. I love basing meals around the grill.
Well, I should admit, I don't actually grill myself. Uh, maybe that's why I love it. :)
I'm lucky in that the man of the house likes to take care of that around here. But I do prepare most of it and one of the things I love about grilling is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you would like. A perfectly grilled, plain steak can be just as good as a 12 ingredient marinated chicken breast. And there's always minimal clean up involved; no stacks of pots or pans to worry about. Who doesn't love recipes that lend themselves to a stay-clean kitchen?! Also not heating up the kitchen with the stove or oven in the summer? Genius.

As an aside, since I have never actually grilled myself, if there are enough grill recipes to warrant a "chapter" in the cookbook, I was thinking of having the resident grill master around here write up a little how-to on grilling basics just for reference for people like me, to add to the book.

So. Send your favorite grill master recipes my way. Anything from grilled veggies to kebobs to rubs to marinades to burgers, pizza (yes, one of the yummiest pizzas I've heard of came off a grill) or meatloaf (yes, I have a meatloaf on the grill recipe and it is sooooo yummy!)... send them on over. Email your recipes (with pics if you have them) to me at notes4heather at yahoo dot com.

Also any recipes you might want to add from any of the past "courses".... I especially need more salad/veggie/side dish recipes.


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a couple of grill recipes:

I'd love to see your grilled meatloaf recipe...I have one, too, and I'm wondering if it's the same! I plan to post that one on the recipe blog soon.

We LOVE pineapple on the grill.

Like you, I don't do much of the actual grilling, making it even more enjoyable for me!

Anonymous said...

I'm a blog follower but don't have a blog personnally. Do you need one to participate? Or is it too late... since I haven't sent a recipe for the other categories. Althought I could send some for the past categories as well.

stephy38 (@) hotmail (dot) com

TidyMom said...

Here's my blog post about BBQ Ribs! What a fun idea you have going here!!

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