Wednesday, May 6, 2009

some things

Feels like a crazy day around here.
I'm working on a project all morning, I need to go grocery shopping, the kids have a dentist appointment this afternoon and we have friends coming through town tonight who are stopping here for the night and my house is a wreck. I still need a shower and I really neeeed to color my hair.
And ugh, it's a gloomy rainy, but yucky sticky warm day.
Which is probably what is magnifying my desperation for a shower and fresh hair color.

I'm glad it's Wednesday. This coming weekend is full, but pretty low-key and I'm looking forward to it. I'm keeping Sawyer home from his Mother's Day Out program on Friday.

Tangent: I love love love this Mother's Day Out group; his class, all the teachers and the director. I really wish he was going back there next year; the only reason he's not is because the hours (and the price) are not exactly what I'm looking for in a preschool. Well, that reason and also the peanut allergy thing. Which is kind of a big thing. :) Even though Sawyer has never had a severe reaction and we've never had any sort of problem at school, I still just don't feel like he's very safe or protected there when it comes to his allergies. It's not a nut free program, which is fine, but even in his class, with all of his teachers and the director aware of his allergy, there are plenty of uncertain situations. They just don't seem to get it. And it frustrates me.

I just don't understand the "well, I don't want to inconvenience other parents when sometimes a peanut butter sandwich is the only thing they can get their child to eat for lunch". Is it less of an inconvenience for a child to accidentally eat or touch said sandwich and possibly end up with a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction?? This is a program where kids bring in their own lunches and parents take turns bringing in the snack each week. And the teachers have never sent out anything alerting parents that there is a peanut allergic child in his class or asking to please keep the snacks nut free. They have been good about giving me a call during the day sometimes to ask about the safety of a certain snack for Sawyer, if it's okay for him to have something... but there are no real safeguards in place other than Sawyer just bringing his own stuff. Every single classroom holiday party he has come home with peanut/peanut butter candy in his party bag. Seriously?!?
Luckily he's really good about asking about things... I've coached him again and again on not eating anything that didn't come from home or that his teachers don't okay after specifically asking them about it.

This is honestly the only frustration I've had with this program at all, and like I said we all absolutely love his teachers and the diretor is awesome.
Just this one little (big) thing.

Anyway, this Friday at his school is "friendship day" and the teachers have asked everyone to bring in a cup of their favorite dry snack, which they're then going to combine and make a "friendship trail mix" to share. Um, no thanks. That's just a little too dangerous for me with no mention of allergies for anyone. I spoke to the teachers about it last week and they just said, "well, we'll keep an eye out and just have Sawyer keep his own snack or not share in it."
Is that fair?

So I just decided he's going to skip out on the whole day and we're going to do something fun on our own that day.

So the weekend: It just so happens Friday is a member's special extra free stuff/sneak peak things at the zoo so I'm entertaining the thought of heading over there. Savannah has another birthday party on tap for Friday evening (which we only just got the invitation to on Tuesday! Isn't that cutting it a little close?!?), and then a soccer game Saturday, after which we're heading out to see Mike and Kasey for what will be a sort of last hurrah hang out for them as not-parents. Unless that boy decides to make an early appearance, which I wouldn't complain about, but I'd like to hep Kasey out with any last minute before baby stuff she has to do before he gets here. And maybe take some pictures of her and Mike. It's been a long time of just the two of them... their whole world is about to change!!

But back to Wednesday.
I probably shouldn't jump ahead; I have plenty of busy to get me through the week until the weekend is here!!


Nicole said...

That's kind of cruddy that they aren't willing to accomodate a student who has such a severe allergy. You'd think they'd take it seriously. I agree... I'd keep him home Friday. Sucks though that he'll miss out on the class fun. Not fair, imo.

Anonymous said...

ugh, that totally sucks about the non-peanut-free thing! the daycare we are sending max to next year is peanut-free... and even though he doesn't have an allergy himself, i didn't think twice about it. i mean, really, it's not like there aren't plenty of other lunch/snack options for me to send with him. bummer that is it so great otherwise. :(

jenny said...

i agree that it's totally a bummer that they are basically awesome except for THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that has to do with your child. geesh! i'm glad you guys are using a day that might otherwise present issues to hang out together - sounds like fun!

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