Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have a new idea for a project. And I need all of you to help with it. In fact, it won't be a project without you! So listen up...

The majority of us bloggers fall somewhere in a wide range of first time to seasoned moms, new to veteran wives, and those of us know our way around a kitchen blindfolded along with those of us who have squeaked by with knowing simply how to doctor up a package of ramen. At the very least is it safe to say that we all might consider ourselves professional eaters?

What I'm trying to say is that we should all have a few great recipes up our sleeve. Okay, at least one. Even if we can't or don't cook. We know of them, right?

A few of us post favorite or simple recipes we come across in our time in the kitchen on our blogs. Some of us even have our own separate blogs just for a space to keep track of those recipes. I love getting recipes from people I know... recipes that come with a built in opinion!
I think what we need is to combine all of our most fabulous tips and our most favorite recipes all in one place.
I want to put them all in one cookbook.
A community kitchen. A blogger bakery.

Each month this year I'm going to put out a call for your recipes...
I'll pick a "category" and ask that you all email me your ideas and recipes. They don't have to be your own, they can be your grandma's best cookies, your neighbor's casserole, your favorite dish from a magazine or website. (I will ask if you know it's from a published cookbook, magazine or website that you give credit.) Just send me the recipe --and if you have pictures please send them as well. We all love pictures to go along... I like to see what I'm making!

Then at the end of the year I'll have them all printed up (complete with url's of every contributor's blog) and made into a book and distribute copies. If you contribute, you'll get a copy. Consider it my Christmas present next year to all my blogging buddies. :)
If we have a big enough turn out, they will also be for sale for others who may want in on our bloggy baking goodies.

Doesn't that sound like fun??
Let's get on it!

To start off, for January I want to collect Appetizers and Party Food.
Just coming off the holiday get togethers, give me your best, yummiest, easiest go-to ideas for serving at a party. Fancy hors d'oeuvres, fun snacks, family favorites, whatever they may be. And don't think you're limited to just sending in one recipe per category! We need lots of them!!
Email your recipes (bonus points for pictures!!) to me.

Alright, so take the next few weeks and rack your brain or your pantry and think Appetizers! Can't wait to see all your fave's!!

Also, I'm going to need some help brainstorming a clever name for this collaborative cookbook! Ideas anyone??


K.M.L said...

Love this idea!!!! Even I can do this! I will send you my appetizer recipe for fruit pizza with pictures! :) Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I LOVE THIS IDEA! You know from my blog that I like to cook and occasionally post recipes (I have a new one coming up this week!), so you can count me in.

I'll start looking for my favorite appetizer.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Sounds awesome. I will get an e-mail to you soon.

jenny said...

cool idea! this gives me an excuse to make some of these wonderful things (need those pictures)!

my3buckaroos said...

Great idea! I'm emailing you my baked brie recipe right now...

Anonymous said...

i love this idea too! do you just want pictures of the finished product or pictures of the actual process (a la pioneer woman)? let me know and i'll send you some.

heather said...

Kim (er, beejo)-
Both if you're up for it/have them!
I figure if I run out of room in the end I'll just put in finished project shots, but I'd love to have some steps in there too :)
Especially if something is tricky or hard to understand from directions.

Dana said...

What a FABULOUS idea! I was just complaining that I don't have any recipes. I am just learning how to cook... after years of being spoiled by my parents and boyfriend! :) I'll email you... I have to find my favorite appetizer! I'll send pics too!

Nicole said...

I just posted a recipe for "Thick and Chewy" Chocolate chip cookies (made with Crisco instead of butter) on my blog. I don't have any pics though. Also... I baked them for 10 min only and they were super yummy gooey like Subway when they don't overbake their cookies. Not sure if you want/need multiple chocolate chip cookies. All and Sundry had a decent chocolate chip cookie recipe she posted a few weeks back as well.

Nicole said...

Ooops duh I just realized its for appetizers and party food. I wondered why all the comments were for appetizers HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Oooh...I love this idea! I love getting recipes from other people, because they're always so good- otherwise they wouldn't be worth sharing, right?, do you have to be a blogger to play? I'm a blog follower and love to cook and share & collect recipes :-D


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