Friday, May 8, 2009

rain on our parade

I feel silly complaining about the rain. It hasn't been a wet spring and in fact it hasn't hardly rained enough to speak of in the past week... it's actually kind of a nice humid warm summery-feeling, albeit gray day.
With thunderstorms and downpours dispersed throughout.

It just so happens to be the one day this week I really wanted decent weather to be out and about.
The kids and I had big plans. I was keeping Sawyer home from school, and though having to pick up Savannah smack dab in the middle of the day puts a not the most convenient twist on our plans, we were going to make the most of it.

The zoo is having a special members day with free sea lion shows, train rides, carousel rides, and early entry to the new stingray exhibit. Sawyer and I didn't really have time to try and do that between Savannah going and coming home from school, so I decided we would head out directly after she gets home at noon. We still only have a few hours because she is supposed to be at a birthday party later today, but I thought it'd be just long enough and we'd have a lot of fun.

Until it stormed all night last night... and is apparently supposed to do the same for most of the day.

I also thought it'd be fun to run down to the Museum of Transportation this morning with Sawyer while Savannah was at school. We haven't been there, but I've heard good things and I think Sawyer would really enjoy all the machines, cars, trains, etc. Mostly indoors. It was still going to be tight on time since it is a bit of a drive away and I've never been there before to know how long we would want to be there, but I thought it was surely doable.

Until Sawyer fell down the stairs this morning and got a nice goose egg on his forehead. He has since been on the couch with an ice pack watching tv. That debacle threw a loop in my getting us all ready so we could head out the door the same time Savannah did... and Sawyer's saying he doesn't want to go out in the rain anyway.

So it's pouring rain right now with thunder rumbling almost non-stop. It'd actually be a really good day to just curl up and watch movies or do fun things inside. It's just that I had these fun outdoor things in mind today (not to mention the party Savannah's going to this evening was supposed to be an outdoor tropical island "luau").

I'm not completely giving up yet; I'm keeping an eye on the radar to see if this stormy stuff might get out of here for the afternoon. If it just looks hopeless for the zoo, maybe we'll do the Transportation Museum this afternoon instead. In the meantime I'm off to try and have a fun morning with Sawyer here and we'll see how things are looking (his head as well as the weather) when Savannah gets home at noon.

Hope your Friday's off to a better start than ours!


Mom said...

Sorry to hear that Sawyer got hurt.He has always made me nervous on the stairs.He has no fear of falling. Maybe the fall will help him remember to take hold of the rail.We have a beautiful sunny day,finally. After all the stormy weather lately,its a nice break.Have a nice evening & a super Saturday. You are loved! XOXOX

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