Tuesday, February 3, 2009

feeling soupy

Time to put a call out for more of your recipes!
Oooh you guys came through with some great sounding ideas last time!
Let's do Soups this time around. It's been so cold this winter, even just thinking about a nice warm pot of soup should help. And just think of all the yummy soup recipes you'll have come next winter if I get a good collection of them here!

I'll probably do more than one category this month, but you can send in anything at any time to me... no need to stay in the restraints of what I'm currently asking for!

Email me your recipes -with pics if you have them!!- at notes4heather(at)yahoo(dot)com.


Anonymous said...

here's a chili recipe i posted not long ago...we really liked this!


Amy said...

You can make Mrs. Grass' Chicken soup and add dumpling to it!! It was really good when I was little. ;)

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