Tuesday, February 3, 2009

keep it covered

I was getting ready yesterday and must have had a shorter than usual shirt on, as when I was reaching up to my hair, my waist (using that term loosely) kept peeking out from between my shirt and my jeans.
I kept pulling my shirt down; even though there was no one to see but me. It wasn't the most attractive sight in the world.

It did make me chuckle though, remembering back in the good old days...
Many instances of getting ready in front of a mirror and doing the exact same reaching, peeking routine, only back then that smooth stomach actually looked cute. I'd stand there holding a hair dryer above my head and actually admire the few inches of sexy stomach that raising my arms revealed. I didn't mind catching a glimpse (myself or by others) of that flat, smooth, tiny tummy when a shirt might happen to sneak up above my waistband in public. Or a peek of part of the tattoo above the back of my hip. It was nice then. Not that I wore crop-tops or mid-drifts or anything... but I sure didn't mind feeling a breeze around my midsection once in awhile.

It made me laugh thinking about that, and how different it is now. How I love nice, extra long shirts. How I'd be embarrassed beyond belief if any skin between my waistband and my shirt happened to make an appearance in public. That space is definitely not what it used to be. Pale, puffy and stretchmarked sure is a stark contrast to that twenty-something pre-baby skin. Even knocking off this last 10-15lb buffer I've had hanging around since then, I know my middle will never see the light of day again. It's a good thing long and layered is in style these days... much nicer for a thirty-something mommy of two!


Ashmash said...

Hah... I know how you feel! My "twenty-something" tummy IS the wrinkly, unsightly tummy. I think I can still look sexy... with a shirt on. LOL.
I'm anxious to see how it will look after my 2nd child. I'm saving up for a tummy tuck someday!

kimca01 said...

LOL I know - Callie's favorite activity is to come up when I'm laying on the couch and stand there and slap any exposed skin. Probably to watch it jiggle LOL

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