Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sawyer loves yogurt. I think being deprived of it the first two years of his life (dairy allergy), he's more than made up for it in the last one. The thing is, he's not a fan of many fruity flavored yogurts. He doesn't like strawberry or blueberry or most any flavor we offer him. He'll tolerate strawberry banana, but usually I just keep some plain vanilla on hand for him. I've tried sneaking berries or other fruits in there, but he won't eat it.
Strangely enough, he would eat it with quite a bit of wheat germ mixed in there. So of course I'd let him eat that almost every day.
Suddenly now though, he's decided he hates the wheat germ. Even if I try to sneak the tiniest pinch of wheat germ in his bowl of yogurt, he boycotts the whole thing. It's been going on for a few weeks now and I'm about ready to give up. I had a conversation with him about it this morning...

Sawyer was pulling a tub of raisins out of the pantry and I said, "I'd like you to eat the yogurt you asked for before you eat anything else Sawyer."

"I did eat my yogurt!"

"I mean all of it, not just a bite to tell me you don't like it."

"But I don't like it. I tried it and it's terrible. I don't want those yucky sprinkles in it."

"You used to love the sprinkles. They're good for you."

"They're not good for me! They're terrible."

"They help keep you growing and healthy."

"I already growed. I'm a big boy."

"But you need to keep growing, and they help make you stronger!"

"I already super strong" showing me his muscles

"They can help make you faster."

"I already super fast.
Mom, -and here he held up his hand, I guess to emphasize that he was done arguing with me- I already have all the powers. I don't need sprinkles today."


Ryan said...

i guess that i should stop "letting" him beat me in wrestling and races so that he will eat a healthier breakfast.

jessica said...

I love that goofy kid. Miss him too.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, that is hilarious!! My boy refuses to eat yogurt if it has chunks of anything in it either. And it seems like they go thru these phases where they LOVE something and want it all the time, and then suddenly they're sick of it and never want to eat it again. Weird.

Emilie said...

hahaha! thats pretty darn cute!

Mom said...

I LOVE that boy too,and miss him even more!!!He is a SUPER BOY in my eyes.It made me laugh out loud. I can see it perfectly,with his hand up. Thanks for sharing it... XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Mom

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