Thursday, June 5, 2008

the heat is on

Man, I was excited for summer, but I kind of thought we'd ease into in a little. In my mind, I kind of assumed June would be a nice kind of summer... sunny and warm, hot even, but still our prime time to be out enjoying summer before the draining unbearably hot and humid days of July and August come rolling in.

This week has been horribly hot and humid. When I woke up this morning at 6:30, it was still 77 degrees. Let me repeat that. 77 degrees at 6:30 in the morning. Ugh. I'm not ready for this. Not if it's only the beginning of June, meaning we have more than three months of this coming...

The kids have had swimming lessons every evening this week (outdoors) so that's been nice. Well, nice for them anyway. I still have to sit out in the sticky heat. I'm planning on taking my camera this evening and probably next week, so I'll have some pics of that soon.
And they're supposed to finally have the kid pool done in our neighborhood this weekend (they were doing some reconstruction -new sprinklers and fun things!!- on it and didn't get it done by opening day. And I'm a wuss and think the big pool is still too cold) so I'm hoping to be out there if we have time this weekend, but definitely by next week. And so begins our summer at the pool. I swear sometimes it seemed we lived out there last summer. I'm so excited! Be ready to be bombarded once again with a season of our endless water play pictures.

Is everyone else having to find ways to keep cool already this summer?


kimca01 said...

Nope, we are still in crappy weather land! For the first time I'm not complaining though as no one has a/c here and I really don't feel like doing sweaty hot with a newborn! (Although I do have plenty of cute sundresses for her! LOL)

Our weather forecast is cloudy/showers all week! I think summer has forgotten about us.

Christina said...

We wish, well maybe not that hot, but at least some 70 degree weather would be nice. Heck, I'd accept 60's and no rain. We are heading to Portland this weekend with my in laws to go to the Grand Floral Parade and it is probably going to be rainy. :( We wore our ponchos and raincoats last year, so we were hoping for some nicer weather this year especially since it will be my in laws first time at the parade. Oh well. I guess that is why all of us NWesterners were born with webbed feet!

Amie R. said...

I am very jealous of your pool situation. We will probably be sticking with our little baby pool...except for the yard in Evansville is mud right now...hmm.

The Ohio River is close, maybe we can just take a dip in that. ;)

The Malones said...

Yuri and I are pumped to come out and swim with you guys! Summer break starts Monday so let us know when we can make a day of it!

Mom said...

I think it is about 55 here with cloudy skies.Feels more like March.I HATE the humidity though,so I guess I won't complain. Summer will probably begin sometime NEXT month.XOXOXOXO

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