Tuesday, June 3, 2008

helmet head

We have a friend (who happens to be a neurologist) with whom we joke often about "Life Helmets". They have two small boys and we've often chuckled over the frequency of noggin bonks on these kids (my boy more so than theirs put together I think).
Dr Dave likes to say that with the paranoia of many parents these days and how over the top some go to safeguard their kids, with their locks and gates and pads and bumpers, and even as they grow up; no merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters or big slides on playgrounds anymore, etc... he says he'd be rich if he invented, marketed and "endorsed as a neurologist" a Life Helmet for kids. Just think, your kid can walk around protected, you'd never have to worry about bumps, bruises or stitches. Sure, they'd look pretty silly, or you'd always think they were ready for a ride, but hey- they're head is protected for life!! ha!
What's not so funny is that many parents would probably entertain that idea! It might already exist?!

Well, it seems Sawyer's gone and run with that idea all on his own. Here are some pictures of Sawyer over the past week. Keep in mind these were four separate days. And mind you, there was no biking involved. He just felt the need to wear his bike helmet. Indoors. All the time.
While watching tv, while wearing pajamas, while coloring, while hopping around the house in froggy rainboots...

That last 'Mr Happy' picture could be considered a valid helmet wearing instance... Sawyer found a little toy skateboard (thats for a doll/figurine) in the toybox and decided he needed to don his helmet to "skate" around the house on the skateboard. He was hilarious scooting around on that tiny thing... his one foot barely fit on it. And he's all thinking he's a hotshot skateboarder :)

I just think it's hilarious that this kid suddenly wants to live in his helmet.
And that with him and his record, that's probably a good thing.


Anonymous said...

ha! he's so cute!

max fell down the stairs yesterday. i think we need one of those life helmets. :)

Amie R. said...

AWESOME!!! David will LOVE this post!!!

jenny said...

ha! too funny. i wonder if they have them for adults - i might need one! :)

sawyer is such a cutie! love his mr. happy shirt!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference. I have one correction; The Life Helmet (patent pending) is for children and adults. Hence, the name "Life Helmet". How many times have you bumped your head on an open cupboard or just with your own heel?! Do you know how many brain cells you lose each time this happens?! No you don't, but I do.

Saw-Dog...keep it real on that skateboard.

Dr. Dave

lina said...

Those pictures are priceless! Love the ones of him on the skateboard :)

Ferris Family said...

When you get the "Life Helmet" for Sawyer, please get an extra one for my Nelson. I'm sick of the trips to Urgent Care (and it's embaressing that they know him by name).

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

He's ADORABLE in that helmet!

And, Dude, the helmet thing has been done. No lie. I made fun of it a while ago. "Life Helmet" is a MUCH better name, though.

Julie said...

I have a friend who used to make her kids put on their bike helmets during a tornado warning. If she saw that there was a chance of storms she would try to casually put the helmets on the basement steps so they'd be prepared. One of her kids would go hysterical when he saw the helmets on the steps - "A tornado is coming!!!!"

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