Sunday, July 22, 2007

a saturday of sun, slips, slides and s'mores

Not even sure where to begin...
We had such a full and fun Saturday!! Thank you so much to all the Laughlins for sharing your home, your family, your yard, your food and your firepit with us!! We had a great time! Dan and Amanda (now that I know you're reading! haha!) be sure and stop by whenever you're coming thru town... we would love to see you!

The kids all had a blast... not only with all the water play, but they just all had so much fun together. Savannah was loving having not just one, but two new girls to play with. And the girls were all within great ages to play together, plus Mallory was still young enough for Sawyer to run around with and Madison was just old enough to be an awesome little helper, looking out for Sawyer and taking care of him as they all played.(Sawyer 20mos, Madison 5yrs, Savannah 4yrs, Mallory 2.5 yrs)

So take a look at this mondo slip~n~slide they all had set up in the backyard...Three slip~n~slides plus four big tarps, end to end down the hill. Add a bit of slippery soap and some water and you have the makings of a great afternoon! Be sure and click on some of these pics to see larger... the faces on these kids (and the grown-ups) are priceless!

The girls cheering on the "big kids"!
Go Kase!!I'm surprised there were no broken bones or big bruises... the men boys all got a little too into it, racing down in all sorts of contortions with human bowling at the bottom of the hill.
okay, back to the cuter ones...

We also had a little pool time and water balloons thrown in the mix as well.
(Savannah and Maddie all pooped out in the pool)

After everyone had their fill of sun and water, we all came in to dry off, have some dinner and then head down to the bonfire for S'mores. My kids were starting to fall apart at this point... it had been a long and full afternoon... but we had our fill of chocolate and marshmallows before heading back home at bedtime.

Sawyer's first S'more:
he hated the sticky stuff!

Whew! It was a long day! And believe it or not, even though we didn't leave the Laughlin's house until after 7pm (which is our kids' normal bedtime), neither one of them fell asleep on the drive home. I could not believe they were both still awake when we got home at 9pm! I thought they would be passed out back there in no time. I sure could have been!

** Kasey has a tons of even more great pics over at her spot if you're interested! You got some hilarious shots Kase!!


K.M. Laughlin said...

Great pics! What a fun day we had. Thanks for coming over and hanging out with everyone....See you soon!

Dan said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Maddy wants to send SJ a card. Address? Amanda

Nicole said...

Woah that looks like a ton of fun! Sweeet!

Emilie said...

Holy Cow!!! That looks like a ton of Fun!!! I bet you guys had a blast, the pictures are great!!! I want one!!!

LeeAnn said...

Wow Looks like a lot of fun! Sawyer looks like he had a blast too! Thanks for posting!

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