Saturday, July 21, 2007

our water boy

WARNING: picture overload ahead...
It seems if ever I go a few days without posting pictures, suddenly I come to a day where I take a million that I have a hard time whittling down to just a few. So, I apologize ahead of time.

Sawyer's suddenly got this cheesey face (seriously cheesey... he even says something that sounds a little too close to "cheeeeeeese!" which puzzles me because I never have my kids say that when I'm trying to take their picture) whenever I get the camera out these days. See?It's cute, but kind of annoying when I want a normal picture, you know? LOL!

I just had to share some of Sawyer's antics at the pool from the last few days. We have a regular little water baby on our hands, folks. It's amazing how much he loves and is right at home in the pool. The wading pool over there (when it's actually full) is pretty deep in one corner. So deep in fact, that Sawyer can barely walk on the tips of his toes through there. It's more like bouncing on his toes. When we first started going to the pool, I was very nervous about that area and we understandably tried to keep him closer to the other ends where it was more at his waist level. Well, long story short, he now has free reign of the pool... he can get anywhere he wants to and he's not at all intimidated by the "deep" water. He quickly learned to keep his balance in the water and to "hop" around going with the flow. He learned fast and loves to kick around with his noodle under his arms and his latest fave is his tube...
He learned on his own to let himself float around in that on his front or his back... I wasn't sure he would know to or remember to hang on to the tube floating around... but he loves to just kick around hanging out.

He also LOVES to be underwater. Which at first was kind of scary and nerve wracking, but I'm used getting used to it now. He thinks dunking his head is about the funnest thing in the world. He can't get enough of bobbing games with Savannah or Daddy. Heck, he'll "dive" for rings and batons that Savannah won't even go for. I took the camera to the pool yesterday thinking I could get some cute pics of him hanging out in his tube, but this is about all I came back with:

And then this (dunking Daddy):

The good thing about this little fishy, is that now if he does flip or slip or fall underwater, he knows to keep his mouth closed and hold his breath. When he accidentally goes under, I usually just watch and wait (within arm's reach) for him to figure out how to get back on his feet and on top of the water on his own, and when he comes up -sometimes after what seems like quite awhile- he's not sputtering or coughing or anything. Smiling, actually :)

I've determined Sawyer is just a regular Golden Island Boy. He's a natural in the water... he's pretty much a better swimmer than Savannah (who's twice his age) already. And look at how tan he is... we're only halfway through the summer and he's already darker than his dad. And that's saying a lot, considering when I met Ryan at the end of a summer I thought he was part hispanic!!
Here are just a couple more random pics from the pool yesterday...

our little Alfalfa (he needs a haircut!)

Also, another example of the cheesey face...
The kids ate lunch at the island counter for the first time yesterday. They found that pretty exciting! haha!
And Sawyer got a little silly with his ranch...

I'm sure you'll notice most of our pictures now, Sawyer just runs around in a diaper these days (shorts if you're lucky). Well, between the heat and the potty training and the toddler messes, it's just easier that way. Ryan likes to call him "Shirtless Malone".

Hey, one of my new friends here, Heather, just started a blog for her family and her adorable little girls. We all know how we love commenters, so head over there and give her a little blogging encouragement!! Here's the link to their blog.

Okay, so we're off for another day in the sun and water... we're going out to visit the Laughlins in Columbia for the day at their parents' house. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

***and I"ll get the kids' bedroom pictures up before the weekend's over, I promise!!


Emilie said...

Very cute pictures! It looks like yu had a great time at the pool. Even the silly pictures are great!

Ken and Sandie said...

Maybe when you guys are in Oregon we'll have time to take the kids swimming together. Sawyer and Taegen sound like they would be a great match in the pool. Taegen has a floatie suit that has been great. She wears it and can "swim" in the big pool all by herself, it might be worth trying one with Sawyer. Life jackets pretty much work the same. Have fun swimming!!!

Aunt Holly said...

That last comment was really from me... just in case you were wondering who Ken and Sandie are.

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