Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the sick house, the new neighbors and the gradulation

So Hi, I'm sick again. Not the cough and sore throat I've had for the past week. Oh no. I decided to go ahead and explore all realms of sick. After Sawyer's puke fest overnight Saturday/Sunday (and being fine all day Sunday afterall), Ryan woke up in the wee hours of the morning on Monday sick as a dog. He was home in bed all day yesterday. And then guess who's turn it was today?...
Thankfully, Ryan knew what I was going through and stayed home again today to take care of the kids for me. I slept most of the day. When I wasn't in the bathroom that is.

So now it's four o'clock in the afternoon and I'm thankfully feeling much better, sitting out in the sunshine on our front porch watching Ryan with the kids riding their bikes up and down the street. And I have the laptop. :)
And I'm checking out our new neighbors across the street. Yes, there's finally buyers for our dear neighbor who's been waiting to move since November. The new folks are here with the inspectors, termite guy, plumber, etc., I'm assuming checking out the house for the big inspection. We waved to the family as they came in. And now we're kind of hanging around out here waiting for them to come out so we can say hi. It looks like they have three little girls; maybe about 7 years, 3 years and an infant. Not our ideal ages/sexes for new kids to move in, but we'll take what we can get. It's better than a bunch of obnoxious teenagers who run over mailboxes!

We're going to have to think about dinner soon (not me with my stomach, but at least for the kids). Savannah's preschool graduation program is this evening. She's excited.
Is it wrong that I don't correct her pronunciation? For weeks, she's been calling it her Gradulation. And I just think it's so stinkin' cute. Like a combination of graduation and congratulations. My mom sent her a little surprise in the mail to celebrate and Savannah was excited to show me what she got for her Gradulation gift! It makes me smile every time!
I just know we're getting down to some of her last few mis-enunciations and I have to hold on to some of these before they're all gone!!

Happy Gradulation Savannah Joy!

preschool graduation pics, April, 2008


Anonymous said...

Enough of the sickies,everybody doesn't need to get it.Hope that is the end.Congratulations Savannah Joy! Wish we could have been there.XOXOXOXOXO Gramma(& Grampa) G

annie said...

Glad you're feeling better! The flu is miserable. Congratulations to Savannah!

Nicole said...

Someone bought our house??? HAHAH!

Sorry to hear you're sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Congratulations Savannah!

jenny said...

hope you are feeling better soon! a big congratulations to savannah!

K.M.L said...

Hope you are feeling better!!! See you this weekend! congrats Savannah!

The Malones said...

Congraduations, gradulate!

Mom said...

I want some Graduation Pictures,these and the actual"ceremony". Pleeeease???? GrammaG

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