Monday, May 5, 2008

good morning monday

Well, I was looking forward to a nice Monday morning post. I was looking forward to writing all about our very enjoyable afternoon hike on Saturday and then I was looking forward to telling you about how much we enjoyed our Sunday; a perfect day of church, a picnic lunch out in our yard, a good naptime then followed by an entire afternoon out in the great weather, getting the lawn moved and some great yard projects done.
We are were pretty much done with all our yard plans for this year... I was going to tell you that my Wisteria is already eagerly growing, that I planted more great flowers to add some color and interest to our boring front bushes, that I got a great deal on a couple of Butterfly Bushes to put against the back of the house, and most of all our biggest accomplishment yesterday; Ryan dug up the patchy grass in a 3 foot area around our mailbox and we put in some good dirt and tons of flowers to make a pretty little flower bed. Yeah, that's what I was excited to write about this morning.

Instead I will now write about this:

This is the first thing Ryan saw this morning as he was leaving for work.
He called up to me, "Um, Heather? Someone knocked our mailbox over..."

?? I cllimbed out of bed to look out the window and first thought? Wow, Ryan must have really done some good digging yesterday. And then... wait- it wasn't windy last night. Ah, the mailbox is smashed. Are those tire tracks in the dirt? Good lord, I've got to get dressed and get down there.

Sure enough, someone had driven (on the wrong side of the road) onto our driveway, next to the curb, into our yard and plowed down our mailbox. Our mailbox which was on a heavy duty solid post, cemented into the ground. In the middle of the newly planted flowerbed. Really, that's the most incredible part to me... that if we had waited just 24 hours to do all that digging and planting, it all apparently would have been dug up for us!

the explosion of
my poor flowers!
(we planted 42 plants here yesterday)

Here are the two things that are bugging me the most (well, besides the fact that we just did all that work yesterday!)... that 1) someone was obviously drunk... they came from the wrong side of the road and this was no lightweight mailbox to mess with for fun. It's pretty obvious they must have sustained damage to their vehicle. That thing was sunk in a huge amount of concrete and the whole block of it was moved quite a bit, broken and cockeyed in the ground. And 2) how could I not have heard this? We had our bedroom windows open all night at the front of the house... and I'm a light sleeper! I cannot fathom how I didn't hear that happen. Unless it happened before we went to bed while we were in the back of the house watching a movie... but then when Ryan opened the windows when we did go up to bed, I would think he might have noticed. I'm just baffled. And like I said, almost in shock at the irony of it. That we haven't touched our non-existent mailbox landscaping for the almost year that we've lived here, and that exactly 12 hours before these pictures were taken we were tucking the last of our new spring flowers in the newly cultivated bed. Ugh.

So now I'm spending the day suspiciously eying every vehicle that drives by... did you hit my mailbox? and seeing if I can salvage any of the flowers I bought yesterday while we figure out if we can salvage and repost our post with a new mailbox.

Oh, AND take SJ to the dr for the enormous case of Pinkeye she woke up with this morning.
Yeah, did I mention this Monday morning has been lovely?


Mom said...

Unbelievable!!!But the pictures are there to prove it.I'm still shaking my head. I can't imagine how you guys must feel. Scarey to think of that driver and what else could have happened.Glad that your weekend was so nice.Get that little girl on some eye medicine and make the best of your Monday. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOOXO

Kristi said...

That is so messed up!!!! I would be so mad!

Anonymous said...

holy cow! that is CRAZY! that really sucks. i hope you can salvage some of those flowers!

K.M.L said...

That stinks...I am so sorry that happened. Did you contact the police to make a report at least? Hopefully you saved some flowers.

lina said...

Holy cow! My 1st thought was that someone has to be driving a very messed up car! Hope you can salvage some planted flowers.

Amie R. said...

WOW! That's impressive! I too think you are going to see a car around with white paint and your flowers still stuck in the grille.

jenny said...

holy bejezus! whoever did it has to have a huge DENT in their frontend. i would be so ticked! i would have called the cops.

hope you get it looking good soon! poor mailbox!

Zoe said...

many what a stinky day! our poor neighbor has had their mailbox taken out 3 times in the past month. i think some one has it out for them!

jessica said...

no way! what a$$ does something like that and then doesn't come to your door and fess up? sorry about your flowers. you "might" laugh about this later? ok, maybe not. hope the pinkeye is better!

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