Sunday, May 18, 2008

chalk another one up to the tired column...

Why does it work so that kids are always up puking in the middle of the night, rather than the middle of the day?

Sawyer was absolutely fine yesterday and went to bed great. We were awakened about 1am by his crying (screaming) and throwing up in his bed.
He threw up three times between 1 and 3:30. AM.
After cleaning him up the first time, I had taken him and slept in the guest bed with him, meaning I was awake from approximately 1 to 4:30. AM. And then he was awake and raring to go at 6:30. AM. And was perfectly fine all day. Acting normal, running around as normal, eating as normal. And hardly blinked an eye at the lack of sleep.
Me however?
I was teaching in kid's church this morning so I had to get up and be there, and then had some baking I had to do this afternoon, followed by a barbecue get together this evening.
I could have really used that 5 hours of sleep I missed.

I'm glad it was just a flukey bug or whatever it was and that he's feeling fine, I really am. I'm just puzzled as to why it always seems to happen in the night, rather than the middle of the day when we're all awake and able to function a little easier... after a full night of sleep.

I'm off early to try and get one of those tonight...
Wish me luck!!


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