Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Just got a call...
Hudson's here!!

Nicole and Ryan got to meet Hudson early this afternoon after a fairly quick and easy delivery at 1:15pm. Nicole was being induced this morning at 7, so I was only beginning to think I might possibly get a phone call sometime soon, when she (yes, Nicole herself, who at the moment was feeling great!) just called to say he was here already!!
Keep your eye on her blog as she is going to post details and pics as soon as she can, hopefully today!

Congrats you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of your new little peanut.
Happy Birthday Hudson!!


jenny said...

oh awesome news! :) thanks for sharing!

kimca01 said...

That's great to hear, thanks for posting!! Any word on how much he weighed??

Anonymous said...

YAY! thanks for posting!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing the news! I've been stalking her blog. Good to hear she and the baby are doing well :)

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