Monday, March 10, 2008

i'll accept the nomination for most boring mommy blogger...

**ETA: And I probably also deserve a nomination for the biggest moron...
I just now realized that the 'top recommendations' are tailored to each subscriber... meaning their recommendations are different for each person according to the types of blogs you have on your list already. I thought it just randomly recommended blogs and everyone saw the same three recommendations on their home page, so here I was thinking I might get extra visitors today! Well it's nice to know that my own blog is at least recommended reading for me!! LOL!**

Okay, so I just noticed that this blog is one of Google Reader's 'top recommendations' today. Sure... not when I have some interesting or witty post sitting up here at the top. It's of course got to be the day that I have posts sitting up here about wake up times and cat pee and poopy diapers...
How boring of a mommy blogger can I be?? haha!

And sadly I have nothing of interest to bury those posts with. So I thought maybe I'd go back to some of my favorite posts and link them here for you. But then I went and I scrolled through some of my old posts and really didn't find much of anything interesting at all! HAHA! I really am just a boring mommy blogger!
Here are a few though...
I love remembering this one.
this one still makes me laugh.
as does this one.
and these two are fun ones to look back on.
and here's the post that surprisingly holds my own world record for the most comments!

And then there are other oldies but goodies, way back from the first year of blogging... a few among many that still bring a smile to my face:
our chubby baby
dangerous snacking
a perfect pre-summer day last year
and a look at what we were doing this time last year (making me so thankful for the warm sunshine and green grass today!)


K.M. Laughlin said...

You are TOO funny! :)

Mom said...
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Mom said...

Let me try that again. I wanted to say that you get my vote hands down.( but not for being boring or moronic)You put a lot of time and thought into your POSTS/blog(s). Thank You! xoxoxoxoxoxox

Zoe said...

you are so not a boring mommy blogger!!! your damn funny!

Amy said...

give yourself some credit, girl!

jenny said...

hahaha - you're awesome. funny, my blog hasn't been reccommended to me yet? :)

jessica said...

Heather, on a serious note, I love your blog. You inspired me, that's for sure.

My favorite was the I am a two-year-old post (or something like that) when he said, pick me up--no. not that way, and so on. I loved that one.

Anyway, I want to be just like you when I grow up.

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