Friday, November 30, 2007

and 7 things about him

So I was asking my husband to help me think of 7 things yesterday as I was running short on ideas by #'s 6 and 7. He started listing things off quite rapidly actually, until I reminded him that I was simply looking for random things that were odd or little known facts, not my annoying habits. He came back with the reply, "well I think they're odd things... who does that*?"
insert random annoying habit here

Anyway. He offered up the idea of me doing seven random things about him, pointing out the probability of that being easier than coming up with 7 odd things about myself. True, true.
So I'm taking him up on that and may I present to you

7 random/odd/little known facts about my dear Ryan:

He crosses his toes. All the time. Not just like two toes. All of them, all at once, alternating up down up down up. Creepy.

You can tell he's wrapping up his shower every morning when you hear him (yes it's loud) blow his nose. In the shower. With his hands. Big, loud, nostril clearing blows.
And he takes obscenely looooong showers. But I don't know if that's unique to him or just a man thing.

He can't stand to drink milk or eat ice cream. He claims they're too creamy and they make him feel "phlegmy". But he loves Eggnog and yogurt and cheese. Go figure.

He talks on the phone while he's on the toilet. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to let that one go public, Ryan, but you gave me the go ahead on coming up with this list... that is definitely random and definitely odd.

This is already public blog knowledge, but he has a strange slight obsession with Chick-fil-A. He would seriously eat there every. single. day.

He's still giving me gas. I have lived outside of Oregon for 18 months now, and still have never pumped my own gas. What a guy!

He loves high-fives. He hands them out every chance he gets. Loves that Sawyer is such a huge high-five fan right now. And loves that I am not (see my #6), because he can taunt me with them...

Do you dare list seven strange things about your spouse/partner?
It really is a much easier list to come up with than the first one...


Jenn said...

Aw yes...that's my big bro! :) The snot rocket in the shower does disturb me a bit! Speaking of good old Chick-fil-A, have you seen the biggest fan contest on their website?? You should totally submit a video! He will be pretty motivated by the prize, and I don't think any of the current contestants are at the same caliber of Ryan. I remember our road trip down south and how many times we ate at different Chick-fil-A restaurants...He tried to convince us they had so many different great menu items, that you really can’t get tired of eating there, but I don’t think I ate chicken for a month after that trip :)

jl said...


That nose blowing thing is kind of funny. I was thinking back to GC soccer days - I thought that peeing on another guy's leg was the sign your shower was almost over.


Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Umm, E does the loudest nose thing in the shower too!! He'd kill me if I ever made a list like this about him, but I would have fun doing it!! LOL

Nicole said...

OH my word I thought MY RYAN was the only sicko that blows snot rockets in the shower. Its so DISGUSTING! EWWWW>

Christy said...

nose thing for my hubby too-- I must say that peeing on another guy is MUCH nastier (see other comment!)

Leslie said...

EEWWW....Jade does the nose blowing in the shower, too. Disgusting, isn't it?? I don't get it. We have an ample supply of kleenex sitting right outside the shower on the back of the toilet. Whatever. :)

Ashley Brooke said...

Is using the laptop on the toilet less or more creepy than talking on the phone? Cause guess who's husband does that! LOL! great list :P

Doc Proc said...

It's clear that Ryan is a normal guy. Blowing my nose in the shower is a daily routine. Chick-fil-a is the best thing ever. Talking on the phone while on the tiolet is only acceptable if you let the other person know. They can call me back if they feel the need.

Katie said...

Okay, I've gotta join the rst of the crew....Don blows his nose in the shower too...gross!! I always laugh when I think of Chick-fil-A, cause it makes me think of Ryan's obsession & the weird, carrot and raisin salad he always raves about. And I've yet to eat at a Chick-fil-A.

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