Monday, March 10, 2008


Guess What?
Sawyer's still sleeping this morning.
Savannah just got up and Sawyer's still sleeping. Not one of us was up before 7:40AM today. I don't think I remember that happening EVER in the past 5 years.
Ahhh, this is nice.

This is a RARE occasion. Normally, even if the kids are up late at night, they stick to their usual automatic wake-up times of too gosh darn early. I can mess with their bedtimes all I want and they're still up like clockwork by 6:30 in the morning. Well, it must have been a wonderful combination of the time change this weekend and the fact that we were at Red Robin last night until 8:30 and they had been sitting at a table full of their new (and rambunctious!) friends. Out of a group of about 11 kids under the age of 10, Sawyer was by far the youngest... but he got a kick out of pretending he was just like the big guys being goofy at the table. All the kids were sitting together at the other end of the table... which was odd for me because like I said, my kids were two of the youngest, and Sawyer is not quite ready to sit across the room from me surrounded by goofy 6 year olds. Put that together with the fact that it was waaay past his bedtime, and he was quite a handful at the restaurant.

Anyway. We got home and in bed and Sawyer didn't settle down and fall asleep until after 9:30. And luckily he's decided to catch up on some of those zzz's this morning. Ryan went in a little late to drop the cats off at the vet, and Savannah and I are just sitting here enjoying the quiet while we eat our oatmeal.
AND it's beautiful and sunny outside! If only every Monday morning was like this.....


Mom said...

What a great start to your week! Luv you guys!XOXOXOX

Nicole said...


My mom kept Porter overnight last night and said he woke up at 5am b/c Aubri got up to go to the bathroom and then she laid back down with him and he slept till EIGHT o'clock! But then she told me she put him to bed around 10. TEN. Ten o'clock!! What?!

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