Wednesday, December 19, 2007

we're getting back to normal around here

It's been a productive week since we got over the "throw-ups".

Savannah and I saw this,

(photo courtesy of St. Louis Ballet's web gallery)

I got these made

And this made

(recipes are over here)

I got these done and in the mail...

We did lots of this today...

And yesterday, lots of playtime in the snow...

Here's Sawyer working on their snow "cave"...

Then I asked for a picture of the kids together in their snow cave...
(notice Savannah's primping, Sawyer's still working)

(Savannah's hammin' it up,
Sawyer's still working)

(Savannah's smiling away,
Sawyer's thinking about working)

(Savannah's getting tired of posing, Sawyer's looking for more work)

(Savannah's ready for a nap in the cave, Sawyer wants her to get off so he can keep working)

The week's half over!
Happy Wednesday; can't wait for the weekend!
The weekend before Christmas!!!


Mom/Gramma G said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us. Sawyer is too cute "building" the snow fort,Savannah looks so "pretty in pink ". And that is a great looking snowman. Glad to see(hear) that your week is going well,and that you are enjoying all the Christmas preparations.XOXOXOXOXOX

Nicole said...

"I got these made..." Sounds like Jack-Town language HAHAHAH! :)

I love the snow pics. Slacker mom here still hasn't taken Porter outside to play in the snow (other than for the 5 minutes it took me to shovel a path to our garbage can).

I'm waiting for Santa to bring me my periwinkle snow boots (Yeah.... yeah... I really did say PERIWINKLE. Oh man, Santa, follow directions much?)

Erin Miller said...

you're such a great photographer! Even the pictures of the goodies look like they belong in a magazine. :) How's the advent stocking time going?

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