Friday, December 21, 2007

can't blog; busy vacuuming

We bought a new vacuum Wednesday night. I know, what thrilling blog fodder!
Story starts out, my mom bought us a new vacuum for Christmas. She'd heard me putting off buying a new one for months and pleasantly surprised us with one that showed up on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks again Mom!)
Well, the vacuum remained in its box sitting in the dining room while I continued to use our old one. The new one was this bagged upright, and while that was a great little vacuum, Ryan and I had been leaning toward trying out a bagless. So I sat on that one (not literally) for a bit while we decided if we wanted to exchange it or not. This week I finally decided, what's the big deal, it's just a vacuum, any old vacuum will vacuum my floors, I'm never going to get around to exchanging this one, I should just open it and start using it already! It's not like we were researching vacuums or even looking at Target at what I would want to exchange it for.
But it wasn't my "vacuuming day" so I didn't open it, telling myself come Friday, I'd be using my new vacuum.

I should also say, Ryan's dream vacuum (okay, mine too!) was a Dyson. Everyone's heard all the hype about the Dyson vacuums and well, we saw it first hand when we borrowed Ryan's mom's a couple of years ago. We had vacuumed with our own vacuum and then used her Animal and we were amazed (disgusted?!) at the amount of dirt it picked up in the canister. Ever since then Ryan has said our next vacuum would be a Dyson. I said yeah right. $$$$!! That was like a $600 vacuum.

Well as luck would have it, guess what was on slickdeals this week? Why, let me tell you!
Circuit City had their Dyson AllFloors DC14 on sale for $352. And as the slickdeal itself so kindly pointed out, Lowe's has a pricematch guarantee + 10%. Which means, letting Lowe's know about CC's sale price would get us a price of roughly $319. Lowe's also happened to have a promo of spend x amount of $ and receive a $100 Lowe's gift card, theoretically bringing the out of pocket price for the vacuum to $219. Awesome deal. Plus the fact that purchasing this vacuum would mean a return to Target for another chunk of vacuum money for us, bringing the cost for us to purchase a new Dyson AllFloors Bagless Vacuum with Telescope Reach DC 14 to right around $150. !!!

So we did it.
And I haven't actually done a real vacuum job yet (it's Friday. it's early.), but I'm anxious to. I did vacuum a little square in the middle of the living room yesterday after the kids decided to crumble some packing peanuts, and seriously, after running the vacuum for all of 20 seconds, I could not believe the amount of dirt in the canister. Now, let me point out that I regularly vacuum twice a week. It's been more often with the Christmas tree around. And in 20 seconds, in a three foot square radius (does that even make sense? square/radius? can you use those together?) I am appaled at the dirt it picked up. Actually torn between appalled and awed.
Ryan came home and vacuumed the whole living room last night. He kept saying, "this is no effort at all!... it's so quiet!... look at all that dirt!...".
So I'm going to vacuum the whole house today. Is it weird that I'm kind of excited??!

Anyway, just had to share that awesome deal.
That's what I'm up to today.
Happy Friday!
What do you have going on this Friday before Christmas?


Kim said...

We have a Dyson too! We got it at Target when they had a $100 gift card deal. And yes, I was also shocked/awed at the amount of stuff it picked up, RIGHT after I had vacuumed. Yay for Dysons!

Tracy said...

nO Dyson here. We have been through way too many vaccuum cleaners throughout our 13 yrs of being married. We should have bought the Dyson long ago as our 1 and only. Now w/ a majority of our house hardwood I don't see it being a needed expense. I am jealous and so are my upstairs carpets :)

We are headed to Grants FArm tonight. I need to fold laundry and get the kiddos all dressed to go. Way too much to do before Christmas. Enjoy the vaccuuming and feel free to head across the street when your done to work on ours :)

Justin and Jody said...

I would like to get a Dyson. It sounds like you know how to get a good deal. Tonight we are going to see "Drummer Boy" at Grace Church. I think the boys will enjoy it.

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

I bought a fancy-dancy Dyson this past spring and it was one of the best investments I ever made! It works incredibly well :)

Debbie Sanders said...

So glad you guys got such a great deal and are already enjoying your Dyson! It is a great investment and well worth whatever you have to pay for is an incredible machine and one that will definitetly last a very, very long time! We have been very pleased with ours!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Anonymous said...

My newest vaccuum (2 months old) is a bagless. In a house with Latte colored carpet & 2 Golden Retrievers (which we keep their hair groomed shorter), not a pretty sight emptying that canister every few minutes. My next WILL be a Dyson. I hope you are still enjoying yours :)

Have a Merry Christmas!

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