Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So the kids have their (our) Summer to-do List, but I'm thinking I really need to make one of my own so I actually accomplish some things around here this summer.

This list may or may not include...
-painting the guest room
-making a crib bumper
-making SJ a weighted blanket (and one for Sawyer if it goes well... I've read they can also possibly help with sleepwalking and bedwetting)
-actually using the fence wood we saved to make a wall hanging for the two story wall on our stairway
-finish reorganizing the garage
-make outdoor chalkboards to hang on the new fence (we have aggregate driveways and patio so the kids -who LOVE to draw outside- have nowhere to display their artwork outdoors)

And I'd like to, at some point, relax by the pool. :)
*sigh* I can already tell it's going by way too fast...


Mom said...

The summer months always go by WAY too fast don't they?.It looks like a do-able list though. Mine is WAY too long. NO relaxing by the pool for me.:( XOXOXOXOXO

jennifer martin said...

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