Friday, June 7, 2013

swimming and boating

The kids just finished up a two week session of swim lessons this week.
We go to a private pool out by the lake that teaches the Red Cross levels. We tried that out two years ago, our first summer here because we were sold on these more individual type classes when Savannah first experience with this type of environment was such a success way back when we lived in Michigan. (we went here for you local Jacksonians :) )
We have a little bit of a trek out to lessons each day (up to a 30 minute drive), but I feel like the quality of the instruction and the price/time in the water is worth it. We got too busy to fit in lessons last year, but we were back on this year.  I had them repeat the level they did the first year here (Sawyer didn't quite accomplish all the strokes exactly, back when he was five) so they could get some real refreshing and practice with their form in the water. I think it was good for them and they both aced all the skills with flying colors.  And they both want to do another session this summer.  They have all the basic strokes down now, the next levels are all stroke refinement, more practice, practice, practice and learning more things like diving and turns and basic rescue stuff. Savannah really wants to learn turns at the wall. :)

Ryan joined us for the parent day (we get to watch them perform their tests) and Savannah and Sawyer tested together so it made it easy for pictures. :)

They had to jump in and do two laps of front crawl

and then flip over for a 30-second back float

and then two laps of elementary backstroke (chicken, airplane, rocket & bend, open, close is what I could hear them chanting in their heads...)

Savannah said her favorite thing is treading water. Sawyer wants to join a swim team.

After swimming, we stopped by the little lake beach we drive by out there every day and threw our little inflatable kayak in the water.  Aside from the mosquitoes attempt to eat us alive (this repellant rocks, by the way!), it was a perfect little afternoon to be on the lake.  Coen and I hung out at a picnic table in the shade while he napped and the big kids took turns going out with dad, going across to the rock wall and finding caves and cactus and then paddling the other direction and playing an obstacle course of sorts under the bridge.

Too bad it was only Thursday... by the time we stopped for some dinner and got home, I was fully in Friday mode and ready for a weekend. :/


Mom said...

So happy to SEE how much those two love to swim and how good they are in the water.What fun!Thanks for the pics!Love and miss you!XOX

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