Friday, May 24, 2013

summer has arrived

It seems our summers are shorter and shorter every year.
And I don't just mean time flies by faster...
our actual break from school summer physically gets shorter and shorter.  We now get just two short months of summer.  (Down from three when we were kids.  Even down from three when SJ started her school career in St. Louis.)

So I really want to make the most of these summers.

Hence our brainstorm summer to-do list:

And a little extra special celebration today as they got off the bus for the last time, to welcome official SUMMER:

Savannah tried to break thru the banner carefully... she wanted to save it.
Sawyer got the job done though.

I feel like the past couple of months have been so chock-full of busyness, I wanted to do something special for the kids.  To celebrate getting through these last handful of chaotic weeks full of extra school winding down stuff along with baseball and/or softball pretty much every night and weekends.
Cuz we are done.  And I'm celebrating.  And indulging. :)

With a little bag of summer goodies for the kids (wrapped up in a new pool bag for me!). Digging through it they found some new pool toys, new goggles, a new summer outfit for each of them, some fun popsicle molds, a slingshot, some fun pens and stationery, kooky flyswatters, water balloons and silly string.

We are ready.
Bring on summer. :)


Mom said...

I love it!What a FUN surprise! XOX

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